Samwise Gamgee

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Samwise Gamgee
Image of Samwise Gamgee
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Trollshaws
Area Rivendell Valley
Settlement The Last Homely House
Interior Bilbo's Room
Map Ref [29.6S, 3.3W]


Samwise Gamgee, usually called "Sam", is found in Bilbo's Room, at the southern side at the ground floor of the Last Homely House in Rivendell Valley. He is anxious about the travels to come, and what package he has forgotten.

One Hobbit who may know more than most about Frodo's sudden departure is Samwise Gamgee of Bagshot Row, the youngest son of Gaffer Gamgee. He travelled with the Company of the Ring, and accompanied Frodo into Mordor and aided him in the achievement of the Quest of Mount Doom.
As gardener and caretaker of Bag End, Sam has a close relationship with Frodo, as he did with Bilbo for many years. It is through Bilbo's stories and writings that Sam became interested in the far-off lands of Middle-earth, particularly the ways of the ancient Elves.
Sam, like most Hobbits, prefers a fine meal (or three) to adventure of any kind. When the need arises, however, he always manages to hold on to hope, no matter how dire the circumstances. Ever-loyal to Frodo, Sam has also left the Shire to travel whatever road his master has chosen. This unwavering bond of loyalty and friendship between Sam and Frodo will be crucial as the Hobbits travel from the peaceful lands of the Shire and into the unknown wilderness that lies before them. — lorebook
Not much is known of Sam's childhood, except that he loved swimming with other young Hobbits in the Bywater Pool. Often he played with Jolly Cotton ... and his sister Rosie at whose sight his heart always begun to throb heavily but his tongue grew dumb; 'why am I here ... and Rosie is so far away?' he soon and often will think.

A new hobbit or man character will meet Sam already in the first instance, very briefly, with Frodo and Pippin on their way to Crickhollow in Buckland. Then we meet him in Bilbo's Room in Rivendell. Throughout the Epic story-line we will meet Sam at many other locations, for example:

Much later Samwise also appears in a dream, in a quest instance which takes place at the banks of Anduin at the Gap of Rohan.

Quest Involvement


"I do miss my garden."
"I wonder if we'll be setting back to the Shire soon?"
"Me, a guardian! Can you imagine?"
"Master Frodo hasn't been himself since all that business with the black riders."
"We are in quite a pickle, aren't we, Samwise old boy?"
"What am I forgetting?"
"I ought to go see to Bill after this."