Quest:Year 2 Tales: Sam

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Year 2 Tales: Sam
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with The Party Tree
Starts at Hobbiton
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [29.9S, 71.5W]
Ends with Auto-complete
Quest Chain Anniversary Scavenger Hunt
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

This scavenger hunt card has a list of things to find. They could be anywhere!


Every year in the spring, the Anniversary Scavenger Hunt takes place to celebrate a very special occasion.

NOTE: This quest will be removed from your quest log when the current festival ends.

Objective 1

What sort of fellow was he? The Gaffer didn't know, but he wasn't a hobbit, tall and black-clad and stooped over.
'How sweet of you. You know just my favourite drink.'
Sam's shears had long been silent as he listened at the window to that Gandalf and Master Frodo talking
You feed old Bill a carrot. He eyes you with doleful appreciation.
Twelve silver pennies was at least three times his worth, perhaps, but he would earn far more in service before the journey was through.
  • Defeat Neekerbreekers in Midgewater Marsh (0/6)
  • Shake your fist in challenge at Old Man Willow
If this tree don't let them go, I'll have it down, if I have to gnaw it!
  • Talk to Samwise on Cerin Amroth in Lothlorien
'Now these Elves aren't wanderers. They seem to belong here, more even than Hobbits in the Shire, and if there's any magic about, it's right down deep, where I can't lay my hands on it, in a manner of speaking.'
  • Cook a stew with taters and a brace of coneys (three taters and two coneys)
You cook up a tasty stew!
  • Shake your fist at Gollum by the Anduin near Thinglad
We'd better be a bit more watchful, or we'll feel some nasty fingers round our necks one of these nights.
  • Recall with Sam in Rivendell the time he saw an Oliphaunt
'I've never told it rightly, myself, mind you. So if it's all the same, this is how old Mablung liked to recount it.'

Cards hang from the Party Tree. Each card contains a scavenger hunt to complete at your own pace.

Objective 2

  • Completed

You completed a scavenger hunt card!