Quest:Instance: Council of the Seven

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Instance:Council of the Seven
Level 130
Type Solo
Starts with Dáin
Starts at Amdân, the Threshold
Start Region Azanulbizar, T.A. 2799
Map Ref [63.7N, 135.2W]
Ends with Dáin
Ends at Amdân, the Threshold
End Region Azanulbizar, T.A. 2799
Map Ref [63.7N, 135.2W]
Quest Group Azanulbizar
Reflecting Pool Azanulbizar Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"Beyond the foothills of Zirakzigil, the Dwarves of the Haban’akkâ at last glimpsed Azanulbizar. It lay barren and silent, but so too had it seemed to Thrór when he met his end at the hands of Azog. On the eve of battle, King Thráin called the Kings of the Seven Houses to council at Amdân."


After coming to Azanulbizar at long last, King Thráin has called the Kings of the Seven Houses to council at Amdân.

Objective 1

  • Listen to Dáin
Dáin: 'I think we're in luck, Hermáth.
'It doesn't sound like it's started yet, but we'd better hurry over!'

Objective 2

  • Follow Dáin

You should accompany Dáin and join the gathering at Amdân.

Dáin says, 'Come on!'

Objective 3

  • Listen as Thráin addresses the Kings of the Seven Houses at Amdân

Thrain is addressing the Kings of the Seven Houses at Amdân.

As you take your place beside Dáin, Thráin begins to speak

King Thráin says, 'We come to it at last. Too long has my father's shade awaited what the morrow brings. Too long has the defilement of his body gone unanswered. Too long has the coward Azog hidden in our ancient home, his hands stained with noble blood.'

Onúr says, 'Too long.'

King Jegín says, 'Too long.'

Fundin says, 'Too long.'

Vékun says, 'Too long.'

The rest of the Council echoes their words.

King Thráin says, 'And so, he sent his sons to fight in his stead. There was Komog, who fell in the halls of Gundabad, and whose skull now adorns my banner.'

King Thráin says, 'Then, there was Urro, the eldest, whose hand was severed by my son, Frerin. And then, there was Bolg, who fled from battle.'

King Thráin says, 'The line of Azog is spent. For nine long years he has eluded us, but no longer.'

Such a rousing speech is worthy of a cheer!

Objective 4

  • Cheer for Thráin

As the cheers fall quiet, Thráin begins the ordering of the Haban’akkâ

King Thráin says, 'A great battle awaits us at Azanulbizar. All will be ordered as I and the other Kings of the Seven houses have resolved.'

King Thráin says, 'Drógar and Agni, you shall lead your warriors onto the slopes of Zirakzigil. Zirakazhâr is overrun, and it must be reclaimed.'

King Thráin says, 'Vélat and Usk, your warriors must cross Kibil-nâla and climb the slopes of Bundushâthur. If the Orcs hold the warding-spire, none of our movements in the dale will go beneath their notice.'

King Thráin says, 'Jegín, the Temámir shall aid the Landorrim and Narfanghoth at Zirakazhâr. As for your keen-eyed scouts, let them learn what they might of Azog's designs.'

King Thráin says, 'Shâlim, you will send half of your warriors to Atrad-zarakh to bolster the Kámbrada and Zhélruka. The rest will assemble along the outer edges of the dale.'

King Thráin says, 'If any Orcs mean to escape our wrath, the Abnúzhu will slay them to the last.'

King Jegin says, 'What of you and your kin, Thráin?'

Objective 5

  • Listen as Thráin addresses the Kings of the Seven Houses at Amdân

Thrain is addressing the Kings of the Seven Houses at Amdân.

King Thráin says, 'We will walk the Great-way proudly as our forefathers did. And we shall meet the orcs in battle from Amdân to the very gates of Khazad-dûm!'

King Thráin says, 'My sons and I will lead the vanguard and the sons of Farin will march beside us.'

Farin says, 'Not only the sons, but the father also! I will not sit by, playing the dotard, while the blades of others drink their fill.'

Grór says, 'What of the Iron Hills? Surely we will not be kept idle.'

King Thráin says, 'Not idle, cousin, but in reserve. The Iron-folk will answer the horn-calls of the others, should any part of the battle turn wrongly.'

Dáin says, 'And if not? Will we simply sit by if victory comes without woe?'

Thorin says, 'Pray, cousin, when has that ever come to pass?'

King Thráin says, 'Let those questions be answered on the morrow. For tonight, let us sleep while we may. For we shall not rest again until Azog is slain!'

King Thráin says, 'Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!'

King Thráin says, 'For Thrór!'

Kalin says, 'For Thrór!'

Nár says, 'For Thrór!'

Dwalin says, 'For Thrór!'

Balin says, 'For Thrór!'

Objective 6

  • Talk to Dáin

As Thráin and the others prepare to take rest, Dáin beckons you over.

Dáin: 'I hope my father did not think me imprudent in my concern, Hermáth.
'I could tell he, too, was displeased that the Iron-folk would be held in reserve, but a dwarf of his station would not dare say as much. At the very least, I seem to have amused our elders and some of the Kings!
'I fear we have a long day ahead of us on the morrow, my friend. Let us sleep while we might!'