Quest:A Dreary, Untidy Mess

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A Dreary, Untidy Mess
Level 95
Type Solo
Starts with Automatic Quest Accept
Starts at Landscape
Ends with Fleeing Dunlending Captain
Ends at Nan Curunír
End Region Isengard (after)
Map Ref [50.4S, 90.1W]
Quest Chain Fangorn
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

In the wake of the Battle of the Hornburg, you have received word of vast, startling destruction at Isengard.

It is unknown what remains of Saruman's forces in Nan Curunír, but the only reported sightings tell of fewer than three dozen Dunlendings fleeing back into their lands.

You have been summoned to scout the Wizard's Vale, seek any survivors, and discover what force has brought Isengard to ruin.


In the aftermath of the Battle of the Hornburg, Saruman and the people of Rohan alike deal with drastically changed circumstances.

Objective 1

  • Search for some sign of survivors outside Isengard

Survivors might be found along the road out of Nan Curunír to the north-west of the Westfold.

You have received word of vast destruction at Isengard, and seek to investigate the aftermath in search of any survivors.

Fleeing Dunlending Captain: 'What's this now?
'Men, raise your weapons... we're not through yet!'
The Dunlending chief's command is met only with groans of pain and fear by his men.