Ost Haer

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Ost Haer
Type: Ruins
Region: Lone-lands
Area: Harloeg
Location: [37.6S, 28.0W]
Ost Haer.jpg

Ost Haer is a landmark within Harloeg, in the Lone-lands. [37.6S, 28.0W]

This place is located in the south of Harloeg, east of Nindor. Once a fortress of nobles, a watch-post against the Enemy, it now stands in a wild land long since fallen to ruins. However, here some people have set camp: one is researching the stones for clues on the past and what caused this wasteland; another is inventing ... ahem ... exotic food dishes out of the need; and during festivals an odd soul has put himself in quite a pickle here.



Ost Haer: Safe haven within Harloeg
View of Ost Haer from the north




These deeds can be advanced by visiting Ost Haer:


HumanM.png Aric the Stone-speaker
Shade.png Emelin
HumanM.png Glaednoth
Shade.png Narthan
HobbitM.png Wald Mugwort - Inn League Member


Ost Haer was a fortress of Arthedain set against the might of Rhudaur's Garth Agarwen in ancient days, now fallen into ruin and decay, home to the shades of Oath-breakers sworn to defeat the Red-maid of Agamaur. — Deed