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This page is about Isengard and its environs BEFORE the Battle of the Hornburg. For Isengard AFTER the Battle of the Hornburg, see Isengard (disambiguation).

The Wizard's Vale, the valley of Nan Curunír is frequently regarded as synonymous with Isengard, as the fortress along the River Isen is its dominant feature.


More than two centuries before the War of the Ring, the Wizard Saruman came to Steward Beren in Minas Tirith, and proposed that he should be granted Isengard as a dwelling-place. Seeing advantage in having such a powerful ally guarding the Gap of Rohan, Beren agreed, and granted Saruman the Key of Orthanc.

From that time on, the valley where Isengard stood became known as Nan Curunír, which literally translates as the 'valley of Saruman'.

Curunír was the Elvish equivalent of Saruman's name, but when rendered into the Common Speech, Nan Curunír is known simply as 'the Wizard's Vale.'

The valley of Nan Curunír is nestled in the southern feet of the Misty Mountains by the Gap of Rohan.

It is here that Saruman plots his war against Rohan and treachery against the White Council, desiring the One Ring himself.


Dagoras' Camp
Orthanc, the black tower of Isengard
The fortress of Angrenost


Points of Interest


Ring of Isengard

Isengard Depths

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Nan Curunír

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Ring of Isengard

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Isengard Depths

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