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Type: Cave
Region: The Lone-lands
Area: Nain Enidh
Location: [32.9S, 32.9W]


Iorvinas is a landmark within Nain Enidh in the Lone-lands. [32.9S, 32.9W]

This pointy mound hides a cave filled with dour dwarves and orc at either side. Just outside stands a Heavy Armoursmith, selling armour for levels 20 to 29 and asking for help with the threatening dwarves at Thandobel, to the south. Inside two other dwarves stand at guard, waiting for a hero to investigate what is going on in the lower levels of this dungeon.

This is a Public Dungeon for level 25-26. Curiously orcs and dwarves live side by side without fight (map below).
Its western wing is filled with dwarves and at its upper level, furthest away, a door leads straight into Mithrenost. [34.4S, 34.1W]
Its eastern wing is filled with orcs and at its upper level, furthest away, a door leads straight into Ost Cyrn. [33.6S, 31.3W]
Two bosses are found at the second hallway, the entrance leads into the first hallway.


NPC Function Coords
Dwarf.png Refr Quicksilver Heavy Armoursmith [32.8S, 33.0W]
Dwarf.png Henir Quest Inside
Dwarf.png Logi Quest Inside


Iorvinas Foyer


Iorvinas Boss Wing

The following creatures are found within this area:


Iorvinas Dungeon Map (commented)


Encroaching roots in the hallways of Iorvinas Orc wing of Iorvinas Waterways in the Dourhand wing of Iorvinas

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