Gabil'akkâ Stable-master

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Gabil'akkâ stable-master
Image of Gabil'akkâ stable-master
Title Recruiter
Role Stable-master
Race Dwarf


The Gabil'akkâ Stable-masters (also called War-Effort Stable-masters) are located near other stable-masters in hubs throughout Middle-earth. They will take you to the War Room at Annâk-khurfu in Elderslade, where you can access Missions which can be played starting at level 20.


These stable-masters sell horse and pony rides to a single destination:

Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Annâk-khurfu (War Room) Elderslade 1 Silver 


Gabil'akkâ Stable-masters can be found in the following settlements, generally standing near the other stable-masters: