Epic Battle: Retaking Pelargir

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Retaking Pelargir
Level: 10 or higher
Size: Solo/Duo, Fellowship(6)
Cluster: War for Gondor
Region: Central Gondor
Area: Pelargir
Location: [83.0S, 34.8W]
Retaking Pelargir.jpg

This page is about the Epic Battle: Retaking Pelargir. For the city, see Pelargir. For the reputation faction see: Pelargir (Faction).

Retaking Pelargir is an Epic Battle introduced in Update 15: Gondor Aflame. It can be run as a Solo/Duo instance by characters Level 10 and higher. A six-man version has been released with Update 15.1.

All players are "Level Scaled" to level 100. Equipment is also scaled and Virtues are scaled to at least level 14.


The Haven of Pelargir (Garth of Royal Ships) is by far the oldest permanent settlement in Gondor. Like its sister city, Umbar, it was founded by men of Westernesse in the mists of Second Age. Together they have a long and irreconcilable history of contest, and occasionally, war. Umbar is older, more venerable and strategically situated in the nexus of southern trade lines; a former bastion of King's Men (Ad. Arûwânai). Pelargir is her stronger and more populous little sister, mother colony of the Faithful (Elendili, ad. Nimruzîri). Even when both havens have been ruled by a common dynasty (933-1448), their life has been one of fierce competition and civic pride.

Under the command of the Heirs of Castamir and their leader, Balakhôr the Scourge, the Corsairs have sailed north with the full might of their fleet, smashing through the gondorian defences and seizing Pelargir. But even as the city burns, a mysterious host is approaching from the West: Aragorn, son of Arathorn, has rallied the Oathbreakers of the Paths of the Dead alongside the Grey Company and the brave soldiers of central and western Gondor led by Angbor to storm Pelargir and drive the Corsairs back into the Anduin. The Sons of Elrond lead a small party of brave warriors through a hidden entrance in the sewers of the city in order to open the main gate for the Grey Host to advance into the city.


All quests, including the main objective, can only be completed once per day.



Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Retaking Pelargir
"The Corsair fleet has tarried on Gondor's coast, pillaging on their way. Now Aragorn's host has caught up with them at the port city of Pelargir. Join Elladan and Elrohir in an advance party to clear the path for Aragorn's assault on the unsuspecting Corsair force."


The Corsairs waste time sacking Pelargir. Sneak into the city with a small advance party and clear a path for Aragorn's gathered host.

Merit Rating

This quest starts with empty Merit Rating.

  • Gain Merit from:
    • Keep defenders alive
    • Keep Gate Winch from taking damage
    • Defend citizens
    • Defend resources
    • Build and defend siege weapons
    • Defeat Epic foes quickly

Objective 1

  • Reach the winch to the Great Gate
  • Elrohir and Elladan must survive the battle
  • The Great Gate must open

Reach the winch to the Great Gate so it can be opened for Aragorn's force.

Elrohir says, "Within Pelargir's walls, just as you promised!"
Guard Captain says, "The winches to open the Great Gate lie straight ahead, my lord."
Elrohir says, "Then let us go - with all haste!"
Elrohir says, "Aragorn and his forces wait on us, my friends!"
Guard Captain says, "This way!"

Objective 2

  • Defend the gate winch
  • Elrohir and Elladan must survive the battle
  • The Great Gate must open

Defend the winch while the winch operator raises the Great Gate for Aragorn's force.

Elrohir says, "There is the winch. Let us open this gate."
Labourer says, "As fast as I can, your lordship."
Elrohir says, "We've drawn attention. Defend the winch!"
Labourer says, "Right then, gears a-turning!"
Labourer says, "Gate this big... dont't open with a song..."
Labourer says, "Now we're getting somewhere... not done mind you, but somewhere..."
Labourer says, "Almost there... almost!"
Labourer says, "It is done. The gate is raised!"
Elrohir says, "And behold - there is Aragorn, there!"
Aragorn says; "Come! This way."
Aragorn says; "Draw up!"
Aragorn says; "Onward! Onward! Into the city!"

Objective 3

  • Rout the pillagers in Pelargir
  • Elrohir and Elladan must survive the battle
  • The Great Gate must open

Rout the pillagers throughout Pelargir on the way to joining Aragorn at the piers.

Elladan says, "Brother!"
Elrohir says, "Come. We must reach the piers."
Elladan says, "Indeed we must. But first, come and see."
Elrohir says, "Pillagers, everywhere. Let us rout them, then. Aragorn wishes to face the entire Corsair host."
Elladan says, "An excellent plan!"
Guard Captain says, "Your lordships! We've found a number of unarmed citizens - and valuable supplies."
Guard Captain says, "It lies on us to keep the Corsairs from both."
Elladan says, "The pillagers are routed. On to join Aragorn at the piers."

Objective 4

  • Hold Aragorn's flank
  • Elrohir and Elladan must survive the battle
  • The Great Gate must open

Hold Aragorn's flank as he confronts the main Corsair host.

Elladan says, "Brother, help me throw this gate."
Elrohir says, "Onward!"
Gondorian Captain says, "Hail! Aragorn bade us watch for you."
Elladan says, "Well met! Let us go together, friends."
Gondorian Captain says, "This is the place."
Elrohir says, "We must defend this spot, so that Aragorn's forces are not flanked."
Gondorian Captain says "We are seen!"

Objective 5

  • Brace yourself
  • Elrohir and Elladan must survive the battle
  • The Great Gate must open

The Oathbreakers have swept over the Corsairs host, driving them back in supernatural terror.

Now come! By Isildur I call you!
Elladan says, "Look, below!"
Elrohir says, "The dead. The dead fulfill their oath at last."
Elrohir says, "Brace yourselves."
Elrohir says, "It is won. The Corsair host is in full defeat."
Completed: Retaking Pelargir



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