Epic Battle: Defence of Minas Tirith

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Defence of Minas Tirith
Level: 10 or higher
Size: Small Fellowship
Cluster: War for Gondor
Region: Old Anórien
Area: Minas Tirith
Location: [56.3S, 19.1W]
Defence of Minas Tirith.jpg

The Defence of Minas Tirith is an Epic Battle introduced in Update 17.

Difficulty Level

This is a scaled instance, designed for solo, duo or small fellowship (3 players) from level 10-14 and up.
It is available in the Instance Finder and the Road to Battle panel.
Estimated completion time is between 30-45 minutes.


Quests can only be completed once per day and can be run Solo, Duo or in a Fellowship

Possible side objectives for the Defence of Minas Tirith.


Known Deeds for this instance (usually bestowed upon first entrance) include:


These mobs are encountered within:
Click [+] to expand a list of creatures.

Instance Overview


The instance wont progress until you talk with Gandalf. He is standing near you as you enter the instance. After a short discussion follow him up the wall and help defend the wall. Waves of orcs will breach the wall and every so often a siege tower will roll up that you must destroy. First destroy the 3 anchor hooks that tether the tower to the outwalls. Next climb aboard the tower and set 3 charges, quickly climbing off.

Side quests will occur every so often. Several of the side quests will take you off the wall and help civilians or soldiers at the ground level, put out fires, clean up the dead or kill infiltrators. A couple side quests involve epic enemies on the wall.


All Epic Battles pull from the same rewards pool see Main article: Epic Battle Rewards
Rewards are based on the Metals achieved during the instance. There are four metals; Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Higher metals offer better rewards. Most Epic Battles will have a main objective and several side objectives. Each objective completed will give a metal. Players will receive at least 2 metals per instance (2 pool of rewards) but can earn far more. Larger size Epic Battles have more objectives and reward more metals.

There are five rewards given for each Metal:

  • Epic Reward Points-icon.png Epic Battle Promotion Points for first time Metals or when a higher level Metal is awarded for an objective already complete
  • Epic Reward Points-icon.png Epic Battle Reward Points to fill the rewards bar for a Jewelry Reward
  • Mark-icon.png Mark, Medallion-icon.png Medallion and Star of Merit-icon.png Star of Merit for bartering
  • Box 23 (store)-icon.png Box 22 (store)-icon.pngReward boxes (one for each objective you complete) that include more Jewelry, Marks, Medallions, Stars of Merit, Universal Solvent, Stat Tomes, Supreme Essence, Symbols for crafting Legendary Weapons, Steeds and many more items.
Metals Side quest Main quest
Gold, Silver and Bronze Box 23 (store)-icon.png Quartermaster's Reward Box 23 (store)-icon.png Gifts of Minas Tirith
Platinum (Rewards Incomparable and Epic) Box 22 (store)-icon.png Quartermaster's Fine Armaments Box 22 (store)-icon.png Treasures of Minas Tirith

Map and Gallery

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After crushing the Gondorian forces at Osgiliath, the Morgul-host advances quickly across the Pelennor Fields, making for the capital of Gondor - Minas Tirith, the White City, and the seat of power of steward Denethor. Siege machines have been constructed in the ruins of Osgiliath, and Orcs, Haradrim and Easterlings alike now march towards the black outer walls of the great stronghold of Men, under the command of the Black Commander of Mordor - the Witch-king of Angmar. The Nazgûl fly above on their fell steeds and seek to strike terror into the hearts of the defenders, for fear is one of the Enemy's greatest weapons.

But hope is all but lost in Minas Tirith. Previously to the fall of Osgiliath, reinforcements from the southern fiefdoms arrived in the city, lead by Imrahil of Dol Amroth and the lords of the South, amongst them Forlong the Fat of Lossarnach, Duinhir of Blackroot Vale, Golasgil of Anfalas, and Hirluin the Fair of Pinnath Gelin. The White Rider, Mithrandir, rallies the defenders and inspires them to stay strong against the dark tide of Mordor, keeping their spirits high. Aid has also been requested from the Rohirrim, who will surely ride to their allies aid.

Now the enemy assaults the walls, and the soldiers of Gondor must prepare to stand fast and hold their ground, if the White City is to last the night that now darkens the skies above Pelennor Fields...