Aufaltor, the Fane of the Eye

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Aufaltor, the Fane of the Eye
Type: Shrine
Region: Morgul Vale
Area: Thuringwath
Location: [69.9S, 9.9E]

Aufaltor, the Fane of the Eye

Aufaltor is a landmark within Thuringwath, in the Morgul Vale. [69.9S, 9.9E]

Atop a massive underground tomb rests Aufaltor, the Fane of the Eye. Without number are those counted amongst the Dead of Aufaltor, for it was here the servants of the Nazgûl laid the lifeless bodies of those they deemed unworthy of the dark rites of Agath-kali, Mistress of Lamentation, in Bâr Nírnaeth.

Aufaltor is a haunt of the Dead, crawling with wights and commanded by a gaunt-man, the Master of the Fane.



These deeds can be advanced by visiting Aufaltor.



Fane is a shrine or tomb