Update 36.0.2 - Tuesday June 27, 2023

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Update 36.0.2 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 36.0.2, released on Tuesday, June 27th, 2023.

News and Notes



  • Tokens of Heroism now function properly after a character is defeated.
  • The Needful Haste Duration Traceries from the following packages have been replaced with Ranged Attack Evade and Block Chance Traceries, since Hunstman Hunters do not have access to Needful Haste:
  • Huntsman Traceries - Level 120
  • Huntsman Traceries - Level 130
  • Huntsman Traceries - Level 140 (both from Valar packages and Legendary Item Builder Set packages)
  • This will not affect Traceries that have already been received or Huntsman Traceries packages that have already been opened.


  • French:
  • The translation for "Angmar Coal" (plural) has been updated.
  • The display of the "Explorer of the White City" Deed has been corrected.
  • German
  • Text for Shattered Traceries now displays properly.


  • The Mount speed of the Mahogany Bay Horse, rewarded through Monster Play, is now set at a +68% speed boost.
  • Tinctures that formerly boosted Audacity were causing some unwanted behaviors in the Ettenmoors. As a result, we have changed the benefit that these items grant to apply a 5% boost to Commendation earns for 60 minutes, and can only be used every 60 minutes.
  • Audacity Scrolls dropping from lootboxes for Monster Players are now correctly Bound to Account.
  • Orc Defiler - Enhanced Fungal Spores once again correctly applies its +15% Incoming Healing effect.
  • Burglars are now properly directed to the next step of the Ettenmoors tutorial to receive their gear.
  • Siege equipment has been disabled for both players and monster players.

Quests, Missions, and Adventure Areas

  • Implemented a fix to increase performance in Delving missions and instances.
  • Wargs will no longer travel outside of the instance space but continue to use Delving skills in the Before the Shadow Mission "The Jaws of Death".
  • Delving Quartermasters and Delving Mission Givers have been added to eight additional Skirmish Camps.
  • The Delving weekly quest "Delve Deepest" now refers to "3/6 person" instances for clarity.
  • The mission "Dangerous Deliveries" now functions properly again.
  • The minimum level to begin the quest "Rohan Awaits" has been reduced to 72 from 74. This quest can also now be turned in even if you have already completed the story line at Langhold in the Wold.
  • The healers in the "Angmar Reborn" and "Gondor Renewed" questing hubs now sell Draughts, Salves, and other items of all levels.
  • The 'Strange Phial' found on the Abandoned Waggon in Upper Lebennin will again bestow "A Trail Marked Indagir".