Update 36.0.1 - Wednesday June 7, 2023

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Update 36.0.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 36.0.1, released on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023.

News and Notes

  • Beorning level 65 "Reworked Armour" and level 70 "Warrior Armour" have had their appearances restored.
  • The name of cosmetic pet 'Buffalo Cow' has been changed to 'Brown Cow'.
  • Added the 'Brown Cow' and 'Black Bull' pets to the collections panel.
  • The non-crystal warg model, displayed at Gramsfoot, was using the wrong appearance. The warg has been reprimanded and returned to its home. The correct version now stands in place.


  • King's Gondor - You can now successfully Fish across King's Gondor.
  • Lossarnach (King's Gondor) - Taustrok - The remnants of the Morgul-host at the Harlond and Taustrok have had their appearances corrected, and the Hobgoblins at this encampment have been thoroughly scolded for attempting to re-enter the story so far from Mount Gundabad.
  • Lossarnach (King's Gondor) - Aegollant
    • Additional Aegollant Sneaks have been added to this encampment.
    • Captains are now less common enemies at Aegollant.
    • Deserters now respawn slightly faster, and two additional Deserters have been added.
  • Lossarnach (King's Gondor) - Quest: Of War and Rose Petals - Halgúr no longer turns to face you while working, and he respawns more quickly after walking away during this quest.
  • 'Boar-slayer of Lower Lebennin (King's Gondor)' and 'Boar-slayer of Lower Lebennin (King's Gondor) (Advanced)' will now properly bestow and advance
  • Quest 'A Den of Ill Intent' should no longer have multiple instances of Zagrazg.
  • The Temámir Dwarves in King's Gondor now use the appropriate appearances
  • Certain Guards in The Harlond (King's Gondor) are now considerably less on guard. The Rats thank them.
  • The King's Gondor version of the Ost Anglebed Jail now has the correct area properties and sends you to the correct version of the landscape upon exiting it.

Delving Rewards

  • Fixed an issue where 6-person Instance Delvings were not drawing from the correct loot pools.
  • The “Delve Into the Darknes” weekly Delving quest no longer auto-completes.
    • Players with progress already underway in this quest will have it reset.
  • Completing any Delving now gives a small chance at getting Delving morale or power potions.
  • Removed the timer from Delving crafting boxes.
  • Added a third weekly quest for Delvings for completing 3 and 6-person Delving instances.
  • Added additional rewards to all three weekly Delving quests.


  • Miscellaneous Stuck Spots in King's Gondor have been fixed
  • Miscellaneous Physics Issues in King's Gondor/other parts of the world have been fixed
  • Miscellaneous Floating Objects in King's Gondor/other parts of the world have been fixed
  • Miscellaneous Z-fighting Issues in King's Gondor have been fixed
  • The stable route from Minas Tirith (After Battle) to The Harlond (King's Gondor) no longer gets stuck on rubble
  • Radar issues in Lyndelby have been fixed


  • French and German: Updated Gondor Regional and Lower Lebennin (King's Gondor) in German

Known Issues

  • We have disabled the schematics until the Siege! mechanic in the Ettenmoors is complete. You can still get the items, but you will not be able to use them until they are updated.