Quest:Instance: The Death of Scatha

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Instance: The Death of Scatha
Level 130
Type Solo
Starts with Léothred
Starts at Wyrmsgráf
Start Region Elderslade
Map Ref [40.9N, 59.5W]
Quest Group Elderslade
Reflecting Pool War of Three Peaks Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

A vision of Fram the Foremost and Karazgar, confronting the dreaded long-worm, Scatha, comes into view.


For Léothred and Fróthi, the truth of how Fram slayed Scatha is finally revealed.

Objective 1

  • Approach the vision of Karazgar and Fram

Approach the vision of Karazgar and Fram.

Objective 2

  • Experience the vision
  • Fram must survive this tale
  • Karazgar must survive this tale

Experience the vision.

Dragon's breath hangs in the air.
My wounds and scars ache as I confront the long-worm for the final time.
Hilts at the ready.
Fram says, "Finally, after two long years, my father is now rightfully avenged!"
Karazgar says, "As is my family."
Karazgar says, "Fram, in our time together, searching for the long-worm, we have become friends and brothers."
Karazgar says, "I propose a blood pact to solidify our friendship, as is customary where I am from."
Fram says, "I am happy to partake in your customs, Karazgar."
Fram says, "If it is a celebration of our triumph, it is welcome indeed!"
Karazgar says, "Good, good, I do not wish for us to forget this day."
Fram says, "Nor I."
Karazgar says, "I have but very few asks in this blood pact."
Karazgar says, "I wish for you take from Scatha's hoard all that you want, except for my family heirloom."
Karazgar says, "I also ask of you to never tell anyone where Scatha's hoard lay hidden."
Karazgar says, "It may take some time to find my heirloom amidst the cavern of treasures."
Fram says, "You want nothing more, Karazgar?! You deserve half this gold!"
Karazgar says, "I require nothing more, my friend."
Fram says, "Then so be it, let us perform your customary blood pact. I am ready."
You can hear Karazgar's thoughts.
Karazgar: 'Seek your fame and riches, petty Fram. You are now a servant of Karazgar, whether you know it or not.'