Morningthaw Warden

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Morningthaw Warden
Faction Freep
Location Ettenmoors
Area Hoardale
Genus Beast
Species Bear
Type Normal
Level Range 148
Morale Range 1,015,176
Power Range 40,205
Special Abilities Armor Rend
Bleed Effect
Slow Movement


Morningthaw Wardens are golden-furred bears found in the Coldfells between Tirith Rhaw and Arador's End. You can also find conclaves of them in the Hoardale area. They are friendly to the Free Peoples and hostile to the Creeps.

They are led by Old Goldhead who will appear whenever the Creeps hold Tírith Rhaw and offer to help the Freeps retake the keep.

Special Attacks

Their favorite move is an armor reduction maneuver. They also can slow your movement and place a bleed effect upon you.

Quest Targets