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Let's start here: Help


The Help Guidelines are found [[]]. These Guidelines should be used as a reference for all Help pages on Lotro-Wiki.

  • Help should be the place linked to in reference to pointing the way for new editors

Levels of Help:

Beginning Editing

  • Users / Ninjas fall under this category of basic knowledge of editing.

Moderate Level of Editing

  • Ninjas / Editors fall under this category of moderate knowledge of editing and beginning structure of how the wiki works.

Advanced Level of Editing

  • Editors / Administrators fall under this category of advanced knowledge of editing and a good understanding of how this wiki operates / is structured.

Wiki Structure / Guidelines

  • Able to understand Categorization, Naming conventions...


All help found in Category:Help


  • To compile ALL help pages / guides / boilerplates / etc into the Useful Links heading in order to visualize what we have / last revision / and what's missing / needing updated.
  • Make sure all help pages are linked together coherently in an easy form of navigation
  • Update the Help pages to make them current
  • Combine / add help pages where needed / if needed


Work In Progress

  • Artifacts from past efforts at cleaning up Help, aka documentation:
Feel free to utilize

Useful Links

Things to do