Coldeve Stone-heaver

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Coldeve Stone-heaver
Faction Creep
Location Ettenmoors
Area Hoardale
Arador's End
Steps of Gram
Genus Troll-kind
Species Troll
Type Elite
Level Range 148
Morale Range 4,477,832
Power Range 201,025
Special Abilities Knockback


Coldeve Stone-heavers are one type of trolls in the Ettenmoors and can be found in a few different locations in the zone from north of the Grimwood Lumber Camp to up near the eastern entrace to Isendeep Mine over to near Dar-gazag. They can usually be found mixed with a pack of their cousins, the Coldeve Stone-hewers. They mostly appear during nighttime.

Special Attacks

They have the normal troll abilities that can knock a target back a distance and, being as some can be found on or near hills, this can prove to be a problem at times. As their name suggests, they prefer ranged combat to melee combat and throw boulders with fair accuracy that can stun you.

Target of Quests