Drû Bhûta

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Drû Bhûta
Type: Drúedain Village
Region: Far Anórien
Area: Taur Drúadan
Location: [52.5S, 26.4W]
The Entrance to Drû Bhûta guarded by Púkel-men


Drû Bhûta is a Drúedain (Wose) village located in Taur Drúadan, in Far Anórien. [52.5S, 26.4W]
It is reached by two seperate switch-back, foot-paths winding upwards under the watchful gaze of Púkel-men
The village is build along a main path that circles a huge Okwô-kuryô statue. Branching from this main path are the two routes into the village, a route that leads to the chiefs hut and a route that leads to the mourning spot.


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:


Drû Bhûta is a quest hub. There are limited services available in the village. There is also a Milestone nearby which marks the path up to the village.



[101] Introduction: Far Anórien
Drû Bhûta
War-stead of the Rohirrim