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Wildermore is in the northern portion of the Eastemnet. Writhendowns has access from The Wold, The Fallows has heavily guarded access from the Norcrofts and Whitshaws has access from Entwash Vale.


Areas of Wildermore


All word from Wildermore has ceased and rumors point to the worst. You must find and aid the town of Scylfig, which suffers from a strangely deepening winter and an Uruk-hai threat.
Geography: Named for the short, twisted trees that grow there, this land’s scouring winds have taken a toll on its arable soil.

The Fallows

Uruk-hai invaders have torched the region’s farms, slaying many and driving the survivors from their homes. You must ride into the smoldering remains to help drive out the evil tides of Núrzum's raiders before meeting with the brooding Reeve of Wildermore.
Geography: Once the only fertile ground in Wildermore, the Fallows are now a bleak area, lined with outcrops of limestone and bogs, and remains mostly flat and treeless.


As the brutal winter rages, many folk have gone missing, and the small village of Dunfast is in dire need of protection. You must follow in the wake of Núrzum's destruction, but can you find him in time? Face marauding Warbands as you race to save the people of Dunfast.
Geography: Mossy tundra and gravelly gullies, adorned with snow-mantled spruce, make up the wild and untamed Whitshaws.

High Knolls

The town of the High Knolls, Byre Tor, long held out against the powers of Núrzum, but now has fallen to the beastly enemy. Venture among forbidding crags in search of the city’s hunted refugees, but use caution, for whispers warn that the Knolls are thick with Saruman's minions!
Geography: A broken, rugged land of stubby trees and hills adorned with jagged spires of rock, the High Knolls have long been home to the southernmost clans of the Orcs of the Misty Mountains.


In the unruly, northern expanses of Fangorn Forest, the Darkness has taken hold. In the Balewood, violent Huorns and Wood-trolls prowl and Saruman’s Uruk-hai linger. You must gather young Ents to rally against the growing corruption.
Geography: Home to some of the most ancient trees in all of Middle-earth, the Balewood is known for its gnarled, knotted old oaks and firs, which provide very little light to the world beneath its canopy.


The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within Wildermore:

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Reputation Factions

Quest Chains

A note on Quest Sequencing.

Most of the quests in East Rohan are "sequenced." That is to say, you must complete certain other quests before you will be offered a particular quest.
Intermixed with the "normal quest lines" are those of the Epic Volume III. One is not required for the completion of the other.

see also: Category: Wildermore Quests

Only two quests are in this category the vector quests from Harwick to Wildermore.

Once complete the rest of the quests are "sequenced." That is to say, you must complete certain other quests before you will be offered a particular quest. See Wildermore Quests for an overview of the different quest chains.

At the completion all quests in Wildermore is the capstone quest:

Wildermore Deeds

For more detail, see Wildermore Deeds
Wildermore Deeds(6 C, 1 P)



See list of all NPCs within Wildermore


The following creatures are found within this area (+/-) dropdown menu:


Solo warbands (dailies award Blue Box of Wildermore Spoils):

  • [85] Warband: Foulwing - Foulwing and his minions have been terrorizing the people of Writhendowns and must be dealt with.
  • [85] Warband: Gîmtog - Gîmtog terrorizes the eastern edge of the Whitshaws.
  • [85] Warband: Karkas - Karkas smashes across the High Knolls in the shadow of Núrzum's might, crushing as he goes.
  • [85] Warband: Shum - Shum is training some of Gajat's adolescent Warg pups how to hunt in a pack. They stalk the smoking ruins that were the farms of The Fallows.
  • [85] Warband: The High Knolls Blizzard - The High Knolls Blizzard, a deadly cluster of frost grims, has settled into the hills of the High Knolls.

Small Fellowship warbands (dailies award Red Box of Wildermore Spoils):

  • [85] Warband: Arataus - Arataus and his band of riders helped to loot and burn the farms of the Fallows. Their reign of terror must be stopped.
  • [85] Warband: Balcharan - Balcharan and his minions have been terrorizing the people of Writhendowns and must be dealt with.
  • [85] Warband: Varg - The Uruk captain, Varg, is a brutal leader of the White Hand forces in Balewood and must be defeated.

Fellowship warbands (dailies award Green Box of Wildermore Spoils):

  • [85] Warband: Rottenheart - The huorn, Rottenheart, is an unruly force in Balewood beyond Leaflock's control.
  • [85] Warband: Voz - Voz and his minions have been terrorizing the people of Writhendowns and must be dealt with.
  • [85] Warband: Zovarr - Zovarr leads a veteran squad of soldiers on their patrol duties around the White Hand encampments of The Fallows.

Raid warbands (dailies award Silver Box of Wildermore Spoils):

  • [85] Warband: Conog - Conog terrorizes the southern edge of the Whitshaws.
  • [85] Warband: Shaguk - Shaguk and his band of riders helped loot and burn the farms of The Fallows. They roam the plains on the eastern side of The Fallows.


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