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About Me

  • I have been playing LoTRO since July 2011. I am a streamer on Twitch under the name Eldalleth, you may see me around in the various channels of LoTRO streamers. As well as the official LotroStream channel as I am both a member of the team and a moderator of the channel.
  • My main server is Gladden where I'm an altaholic with 16 characters. Previous home pre server merges was Dwarrowdelf. You may see me around on other servers from time to time especially if there is a large music event going like Landroval's Weatherstock/Winterstock events.
  • Have any questions feel free to leave me a message on here or reach out on Discord I'm in the Lotro-wiki one you can find on the sidebar.

Past Projects

  • Trait Tree/Description Colour Revamps
  • Episodic Content page revamp broken into multiples and brought current

Current Projects

  • Yondershire adding quest dialogs etc
  • Metalsmith Recipe Index Revamp currently on Doomfold adding crit versions
  • Valar Pages in General especially weapon and armour packs
  • Missing Creature pages

Future Projects


Copy/Paste Forms


Templates & Boilerplates

Help Pages



U Lotro-Wiki User since:

  March 23, 2013.
N Lotro-Wiki Ninja since:

  March 3, 2018.
E Lotro-Wiki Editor since:

  January 3, 2019.
A Lotro-Wiki Administrator since:

  May 19, 2021.
B Lotro-Wiki Bureaucrat since:

  June 2, 2021.
D Lotro-Wiki Director since:

  June 23, 2021.