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Redirect is used when you want to direct a user to a certain page automatically:

#REDIRECT: [[Correct Name]]

Example 1 — Special Characters
The creature name "Tarkrîp Grunt" has a special character, so its page would be titled with it.

In this case you would create a new page using the name without that character, reading just #REDIRECT: [[Tarkrîp Grunt]]

This construct, a page with a link to the correct page for the creature, will automatically direct the user to the correct one.

Often the user will type the name without the special characters in the search field but it also works for normal links, in the case an editor makes a spelling error with it.

Try clicking the link Tarkrip Grunt. Notice how you ended up on the page that is correctly spelled with the special character. And just below the page title a text reads "Redirected from: Tarkrip Grunt".

Example 2 — Page Name Starting with "The"
A page is titled "The Cool Title" and we want users to be able to search for "Cool Title". Then create a page named Cool Title having the text #REDIRECT: [[The Cool Title]].

Example 3 — Subject Having Many Names
The famous Aragorn is also known under other names and titles. If those names and titles are commonly used, we would create redirect pages for them, which links to Aragorn. See how many they are here.

How to?

Easiest to create a redirect page is to search for the wanted name, spelled exactly as wanted and correctly capitalized. On the search result page it will show as a red link. Clicking the link will open a named but empty page. Click the REDIRECT button under the editor and will in the correct page, or fill in the text as shown above, and save.