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Residing in central California, USA, "Deyvid" was born in 1974; and began his passion for video gaming with the Atari 2600. In later years, he moved on to the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the Sega Genesis, and then entered the Sony era with the original PlayStation and the PlayStation2.

Okay, enough third-person....

I started gaming on the PC with the release of DOOM and Duke Nukem. My first online game was Quake (Deathmatch & Capture-the-Flag), followed by multiplayer Star Wars: Jedi Knight. Some of my friends and classmates at the time were playing EverQuest, and while I was curious about it I never played it. My first-ever MMO was 2003's EverQuest Online Adventures on the PlayStation2. It was on EQOA that I met some folks that have become my best friends to this day. After playing EQOA for two years, I wanted to make the move to PC-based MMORPGs, and intended to jump to the newly released EverQuest2. I found that EQ2 was a bit beyond the specs of my computer then, and a friend showed me World of Warcraft. After playing WoW for about 3 years, I was ready for a change and wanted a new game. I was thinking of trying Vanguard, until I heard about Vanguard's technical issues. Then my friend who had showed me WoW and my friend from EQOA both told me about Lord of the Rings Online. I was instantly intrigued and excited.

I tried LOTRO on the 10-day buddy pass in early May 2007 and was immediately hooked. I bought LOTRO before the 10 days expired. I will be playing LOTRO for as long as Turbine keeps it online. Naturally when I started playing LOTRO I looked around for a few good websites for maps and info, having been familiar with Allakhazam. I found and really liked it. I had contributed sporadically to a several websites for EQOA and WOW but really liked the wiki format of LOTRO-wiki, and decided to make this site my primary contribution.

Though I've been occasionally visiting for a long time, LOTRO-wiki is the first wiki that I have contributed to after getting familiar with wiki coding. After a few months of editing on LOTRO-wiki, I was proud to be added to the "Contributing Editors" list, and recently was honored to be granted Administrator status with LOTRO-wiki. Thanks everyone!

In June 2008, after 13 months of playing LOTRO, I finally made the upgrade to Lifetime Subscription taking advantage of the Anniversary Celebration pricing. /cheer


While I continue to create and help update various pages throughout LOTRO-wiki, I am currently (as of August 2008), contributing mainly to the following projects:


Character Race Class Vocation Server Kinship
Deyvo Nimblefinger Hobbit Burglar Yeoman Brandywine Unknown Warriors
Deyvion Elf Hunter Woodsman Brandywine Unknown Warriors
Gwenyfir Silversong Hobbit Minstrel Historian Brandywine Unknown Warriors
Deyvid Man Lore-master Tinker Brandywine Unknown Warriors
Dwyn Dwarf Champion Weaponsmith Brandywine Unknown Warriors
Argallos Elf Rune-keeper Brandywine Unknown Warriors