Tordag's Camp

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Settlement.png Tordag's Camp
Region: West Rohan
Area: Broadacres
Location: [45.7S, 72.2W]
Tordag's camp from the south


Tordag's Camp is a settlement located within the area of Broadacres in West Rohan. [45.7S, 72.2W]

The camp is in the shadow of the now overrun settlement of Torsbury.




Supplies and Services



  1. [90] Enemies Abound
  2. [90] Stop the Motion
  3. [90] Turning in the Report
  4. [90] Testing Their Strength
  5. [90] Courage of Torsbury
  6. [90] Forth the Toringas
  7. [90] Torsbury Defeated
  8. [90] Torsbury Delayed - vector back to Stoke

  • [90] Monsters or Madness? - This is a 12 person Raid Quest, unrelated to other quests at Tordag's Camp.


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place:

Tordag's camp from the west

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