Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall

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The Great Hall
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Thorin's Gate
Settlement: Thorin's Hall
Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall.jpg

Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall is the section just inside the main entrance to Thorin's Hall.

Indeed the Great Hall humbles the haughtiest visitor, no matter their background. The hall is not only large, it is huge, and can easily host the biggest events a dwarf could imagine, and still there will be room for more. Finally, if the size is not enough the statue of Thorin Oakenshield overruns the last doubt, dwarves are indeed stone-shapers of class. Once passing the statue opens the grandiose Hall of Kings, with Dwalin standing by the throne, and several other halls.

The Great Hall is a basically split in three sections:

  • The giant middle section that welcomes all visitors and hosts some quest givers.
  • The western section that hosts the Vaults and ... ahem ... the Burglar Trainer.
  • The eastern section that hosts the Auction House.


Auction House
Thorin Oakenshield Statue



NPC Function
The Middle Section
Dwarf.png Thorlák Town Crier
Dwarf.png Wárr Ink-sleeve Notary
Dwarf.png Bávor Quest
Dwarf.png Ísleif Quest
Dwarf.png Wegeir Quest
GondorianM.png Quartermaster Featured Challenge Quartermaster
GondorianM.png Quartermaster Featured Instance Quartermaster
Dwarf.png Arnúlfur Keeper of Gifts - Anniversay
Dwarf.png Rökkvi Keeper of Gifts - Anniversay
Dwarf.png Labourer
Dwarf.png Townsperson
Dwarf.png Watcher
Dourhand.png Dourhand Dwarf Imprisoned
Goblin.png Blue-crag Imprisoned
The Western Section - Vault
Dwarf.png Feggi Vault-keeper
Dwarf.png Gyllir Vault-keeper
Dwarf.png Kabbi Vault-keeper
HumanF.png Petula Barley Burglar Trainer
Dwarf.png Túki Escrow Broker
Dwarf.png Townsperson
Dwarf.png Watcher
The Eastern Section - Auction House
Dwarf.png Farmann Auctioneer
Dwarf.png Fathi Auctioneer
Dwarf.png Kaupi Auctioneer
Dwarf.png Frosti Groundshaker Quest - Hunter





Map of The Great Hall