The Mischief-maker

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The Mischief-maker (Yellow line) is a Burglar Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are The Gambler and the Quiet Knife.

The Mischief-maker
Applies and removes Tricks to hinder foes.
Mischief-maker Burglars control fights by tricking their foes into submission.
Skills Earned:
Mischievous Glee-icon.png Mischievous Glee
Trick Disable-icon.png Trick: Disable
Subtle Stab reduces the active cooldown of Trick Removals.


These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Mischief-maker (yellow) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Mischievous Glee-icon.png Mischievous Glee Self-heal 45s Self Set: Initial Skill
Trick Disable-icon.png Trick: Disable Melee + Debuff 5s 11.5m Set: Initial Skill
Trick Dust in the Eyes-icon.png Trick: Dust in the Eyes Debuff 5s 14m Trait: Trick- Dust in the Eyes (Trait)-icon.png Trick: Dust in the Eyes
A Small Snag-icon.png A Small Snag Melee + Debuff + Root 15s 3.5m Set: A Small Snag (Trait)-icon.png A Small Snag
Improved Startling Twist-icon.png Startling Twist Stun + Corruption 45s 11.5m Trait: Improved Startling Twist-icon.png Startling Twist
Advanced Startling Twist-icon.png Improved Startling Twist Stun + Corruption 45s 14m Trait: Improved Startling Twist-icon.png Startling Twist
Trick Counter Defence-icon.png Trick: Counter Defence Melee + Debuff 5s 11.5m Trait: Trick Counter Defence (Trait)-icon.png Trick: Counter Defence
Trick Enrage-icon.png Trick: Enrage Melee + Debuff 5s 29m Trait: Trick Enrage-icon.png Trick: Enrage
Clever Retort-icon.png Clever Retort Buff 45s 16.5m Trait: Clever Retort-icon.png Clever Retort
Trickster-icon.png Trickster Buff 1m Self Trait: Trickster (Trait)-icon.png Trickster
Quite a Snag-icon.png Quite a Snag Melee + Debuff + Root 5s 10m Set: Little Annoyances-icon.png Little Annoyances
Mischievous Delight-icon.png Mischievous Delight Heal + Power 45s 16.5m Set: Confound the Fools-icon.png Confound the Fools

Set Bonuses

Set Traits Description Source
A Small Snag (Trait)-icon.png A Small Snag Gain skill A Small Snag Set: 5+ total ranks
Disabling Attack-icon.png Disabling Attack Improves skill Trick: Disable Set: 10+ total ranks
Reveal Weakness (Mischief Maker)-icon.png Reveal Weakness Improves skill Reveal Weakness Set: 15+ total ranks
Joke with legs-icon.png Joke with Legs Buff + Improves skill Riddle Set: 20+ total ranks
A Trick for all Tastes-icon.png A Trick for all Tastes Buff Set: 25+ total ranks
Little Annoyances-icon.png Little Annoyances Skill A Small Snag becomes skill Quite a Snag Set: 30+ total ranks
Confound the Fools-icon.png Confound the Fools Improves skills Trickster and Trick: Disable. Mischievous Glee becomes Mischievous Delight. Set: 35+ total ranks


Tree Traits Description Source
Heartening Prank-icon.png Heartening Prank Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Practical Joke (Trait)-icon.png Practical Joke Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Trick- Dust in the Eyes (Trait)-icon.png Trick: Dust in the Eyes Gain skill Trick: Dust in the Eyes Trait: 0+ ranks
Thick Skin-icon.png Thick Skin Buff Trait: 5+ ranks
Improved Startling Twist-icon.png Startling Twist Gain skill Startling Twist Trait: 5+ ranks
Trick Counter Defence (Trait)-icon.png Trick: Counter Defence Gain skill Trick: Counter Defence Trait: 10+ ranks
Perplexing Proposition-icon.png Perplexing Proposition Buff Trait: 10+ ranks, Practical Joke (5)
Playful Mind-icon.png Playful Mind Buff Trait: 10+ ranks
Trick Enrage-icon.png Trick: Enrage Gain skill Trick: Enrage Trait: 15+ ranks
Complicated Terms-icon.png Complicated Terms Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
Comedic Timing-icon.png Comedic Timing Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
Self Adulation-icon.png Self Adulation Buff Trait: 20+ ranks
Clever Retort-icon.png Clever Retort Gain skill Clever Retort Trait: 20+ ranks
Burglar's Antidote (Trait)-icon.png Burglar's Antidote Improves skill Burglar's Antidote Trait: 20+ ranks
Appraising Eye-icon.png Appraising Eye Improves skill Reveal Weakness Trait: 25+ ranks
Opportunist-icon.png Opportunist Improves skill Subtle Stab Trait: 25+ ranks
Cover Your Tracks (Trait)-icon.png Cover Your Tracks Buff Trait: 30+ ranks
Trickster (Trait)-icon.png Trickster Gain skill Trickster Trait: 30+ ranks