The Lornspan

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The Lornspan
Type: Bridge
Region: Lone-lands
Area: Nain Enidh
Location: [34.6S, 35.3W]
The Lornspan.jpg

The Lornspan is a landmark within Nain Enidh, in the Lone-lands. [34.6S, 35.3W]

This impressive bridge is located east of the Eglain Camp, in the southern reaches of Nain Enidh where it connects to Mithrenost. Though disused historians still travel here in a try to imbibe the ancient glory and water foam.

A safe path leads to the Eglain Camp, on the mountain side high above the plains below.




These deeds can be advanced by visiting the Lorn Span.


The Lornspan once bridged a river which flowed near Mithrenost, long parched into a dusty gully. — Deed