The Keen Blade

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The Keen Blade Overview.jpg


The Keen Blade (Red line) is a Guardian Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are The Defender of the Free and the Fighter of Shadow.

The Keen Blade
Uses Bleeds and high-damage attacks to defeat foes.
Focuses on dealing damage. Skills have high base damage, bleeds, and powerful finishing skills.
Skills Earned:
Force Opening-icon.png Force Opening
Overwhelm-icon.png Overwhelm


These skills are only acquired by specializing in the Keen Blade (red) trait tree and spending trait points. Note that points spent outside the red trait tree will still advance The Keen Blade if you are specialized in it, but at a slower rate.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Force Opening-icon.png Force Opening Melee 10s 5.2m Set: Initial Skill
Overwhelm-icon.png Overwhelm Melee + Bleed 10s 5.2m Set: Initial Skill
Protection by the Sword-icon.png Protection by the Sword Buff 10s 25m Set: Protection by the Sword (Trait)-icon.png Protection by the Sword
Thrust-icon.png Thrust Melee + Bleed 5s 5.2m Trait: Thrust-icon.png Thrust
Brutal Assault-icon.png Brutal Assault Melee + Bleed 20s 5.2m Trait: Brutal Assault-icon.png Brutal Assault
To The King-icon.png To The King Melee + Buff + Fellowship Manoeuvre 5s 5.2m Trait: To The King-icon.png To The King
Hammer Down-icon.png Hammer Down Melee + Stun 40s 5.2m Trait: Hammer Down (Trait)-icon.png Hammer Down
Honourable Combat-icon.png Honourable Combat Melee + Heal 45s 10.2m Trait: Honourable Combat-icon.png Honourable Combat

Set Bonuses

Set Traits Description Source
Overpower-icon.png Valorous Strength Buff Set: 5+ total ranks
Reactive Parry-icon.png Reactive Parry Buff Set: 10+ total ranks
Protection by the Sword (Trait)-icon.png Protection by the Sword Gain skill Protection by the Sword Set: 15+ total ranks
Bleed Them Dry (Trait)-icon.png Bleed Them Dry Buff Set: 20+ total ranks
Brutal Charge (Trait)-icon.png Brutal Charge Skill Charge becomes skill Brutal Charge Set: 25+ total ranks
Heavy Blows-icon.png Heavy Blows Buff Set: 30+ total ranks
Prey on the Weak-icon.png Prey on the Weak Buff Set: 35+ total ranks


Tree Traits Description Source
Thrill of Battle (Trait)-icon.png Thrill of Battle Self-heal Trait: 0+ ranks
Skilled Deflection-icon.png Skilled Deflection Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Heavy Weapons Training-icon.png Heavy Weapons Training Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Broad Strokes-icon.png Broad Strokes Improves skill Sweeping Cut Trait: 5+ ranks
Thrust-icon.png Thrust Gain skill Thrust Trait: 5+ ranks
Brutal Assault-icon.png Brutal Assault Gain skill Brutal Assault Trait: 10+ ranks
Tireless Blows-icon.png Tireless Blows Improves skill Brutal Assault Trait: 10+ ranks, Brutal Assault (1)
Invigourating Parry-icon.png Invigourating Parry Self-power restore Trait: 10+ ranks
Thrust (Trait)-icon.png Deeper Wounds Improves skills Thrust and Overwhelm Trait: 15+ ranks, Thrust (1)
To The King-icon.png To The King Gain skill To The King Trait: 15+ ranks
Haemorrhage-icon.png Haemorrhage Buff, Improves skill Brutal Assault Trait: 20+ ranks, Brutal Assault (1)
To the Rescue (Trait)-icon.png To The Rescue Improves skills Charge and Brutal Charge Trait: 20+ ranks
Warrior's Fortitude (Keen Blade)-icon.png Warrior's Fortitude Improves skill Warrior's Heart Trait: 25+ ranks
Blind Rage-icon.png Blind Rage Improves skill To The King Trait: 25+ ranks, To The King (1)
Hammer Down (Trait)-icon.png Hammer Down Gain skill Hammer Down Trait: 30+ ranks
Honourable Combat-icon.png Honourable Combat Gain skill Honourable Combat Trait: 30+ ranks