The Delving of Frór

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Areas-icon.png The Delving of Frór
Region: Ettenmoors
Dungeon(s): The Delving of Frór
Arador's End
Steps of Gram
Levels: Mainly 140
Resource tier: Westemnet (T9)
The Delving of Frór.jpg
The dungeon entrance at Ost Ringdyr.
Monster Players' entrance near Dâr-gazag

The Delving of Frór, also known as Ettendeep, is a public dungeon located beneath the Ettenmoors which was released with Book 12.[1] There are many mobs and bosses found within that drop random treasure and sometimes give buffs to the side.


Anyone can enter at any time (previously 2 out of 5 Outposts were required to enter) through one of 8 entrances - One each at Ost Ringdyr and one at Dar-gazag and one at the back of each Outpost. One at the back of Orc Camp and at the back of Elf Camp complete the list.


First delved into by the Dwarves of Old, the Delving of Frór served as a mining facility to the Dwarven Miners. After many long years, the Dwarves decided that Isendeep Mine seemed to be a better mining location, and left the Delving of Frór. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before the Gaunt Lords of Angmar found the Delving. Seeing it to be the perfect place to perform their fell rituals, the Gaunt Lords inhabited it. They revived the corpses of the long dead, suiting them in armour and preparing them for battle. But soon, the Gaunt Lords were driven out by a new, and stronger, power. The Wights remained, however, and claimed the Delving for their own. Now, the Wights share it with the other fell beasts that live within. Most who entered the Delving of Frór from then on in were never seen again.


Normal Creatures

Signature Creatures

Elite Creatures

Elite Master Creatures (Named Mini-bosses)
WoodTroll.png Gâth
WightKing.png Iachador
WightKing.png Raingorth
WightKing.png Gúrhardron
WightKing.png Nemornion
Morroval.png Rimgurthil

Nemesis Creatures (Named Sub-bosses)
Spirit.png Gortheblin
Rockworm.png Húrlug
Rockworm.png Núrlug
Spirit.png Uidhelos
Rockworm.png Munglug the Egg-keeper


Most of the bosses in the Delving of Frór are neutral until you approach them. They are all of the Arch-nemesis difficulty, however with a half-experienced leader, they shouldn't prove a problem to any well-coordinated group.

Once you get in aggro range, they will begin their event. If you approached them by accident, you can back out of the area to reset them prior to the start of the event. Each has a different event for the encounter which will be outlined within their individual creature areas.

Here is the list of the different bosses:
Wightcaptain.png Gworvaethor
Huorn.png Rottenroot
Wightcaptain.png Thorliw
Rogmul.png Gaergoth the Unbound
Drake.png Grodris Matron of the Wintersebb

Please note that killing Gworvaethor has no practical advantage, as no buff is gained from him. It is currently unknown if Thorliw even exists anymore in-game. Only Gaergoth, Grodris and Rottenroot give buffs - +30% Infamy/Renown gain for Grodris and Rottenroot, and +40% for Gaergoth.


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