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Sigileth (Sindarin for Dagger-woman) is an Elf of Lothlórien and a member of the Hidden Guard. She is the sister of Corudan, the River-walker.

An expert melee combatant, Sigileth wields the twin knives, Egnassigil and Lanchigil.

Sigileth (Hidden Guard)

Image of Sigileth
Gender Female
Race Elf
Region Lothlórien
Area Egladil
Dungeon Imlad Lalaith
Map Ref [17.3S, 64.2W]

Sigileth is first met in Imlad Lalaith before the Hidden Guard crosses Anduin. She takes part in the mission of the Hidden Guard, and afterwards participates in the assault on Dol Guldur.

She is later reported to have died in the Battle in the Tower, and her knives are recovered from where she fell.

Quest Involvement

Sigileth (Gostador)

Image of Sigileth
Gender Female
Race Elf
Region Mirkwood
Area Dol Guldur
Dungeon Gostador
Map Ref [14.6S, 43.4W]

Sigileth in fact survived her fall in Barad Guldur, but was hidden by deep shadow even from the knowledge of Lady Galadriel. In the weeks since, she has hiding out in Gostador.

Quest Involvement



During Instance: Plans of the Golden Host:

Tell me about yourself
"There is little to tell. I have lived long in Lórien, and in all that time I have not seen such an endeavour as that of the Golden Host. If any of its aims come to pass it will seem to me a wonder.
"But I vow to see to the will of the Lord and Lady in all things, for they have shown me kindness and beauty in such measure as I would not have believed were I not witness to it myself."
I believe it.
Where did you get your knives?
"I crafted these knives myself, friend. This one is called Egnassigil, for his sharp point can pierce even the air, and this one is Lanchigil, for his edge can halve a whisper. They are the last knives I will ever make, for all others would be less.
"For each Orc I slay, I will carve a mark on the hill of the knife that deals the killing blow, and I will gift Lanchigil and Egnassigil to the Lord and Lady when the grips are completely filled with these marks."

During Chapter 6: The Choice of Ways:

How are you holding up?
"The death of Raddir has taken its toll, and left us without direction, though not without purpose. We know where we must go... we simply do not know how to get there. But we will decide, and then we will have action again, and an end to this idleness!"
A worthy gift!
You wish to travel through Taur Morvith?
"Taur Morvith is the route our company should take to Dol Guldur. Emyn Lûm is clearly too obvious a road, and the Scuttledells have a fell reputation. Orcs there may be within Taur Morvith, but I have dealt with Orcs before, as have the other members of our company. I do not fear Orcs."

During Chapter 16: The Dungeons of Dol Guldur:

Tell me about this dream.
"In the dream I am climbing a long staircase, but there are no walls on either side. Shadows press close all around me, and far below a single light twinkles in the darkness. I can see no foes, but a great feeling of dread hangs upon me and I cannot breathe but with a great effort. I reach for Lanchigil, but he is gone; with my other hand I grasp Egnassigil, but it is too late! I am falling, falling, falling from the stairway, and before waking I hear a voice call out from a high place, 'It grieves me that they will no longer strike fear into the hearts of her foes.'
"And then I awaken, but the memory of the dream will not leave me, and its dread remains."
It is a dream only.
I am sure it is nothing.
Sigileth studies the hilts of her knives, and will say no more.