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Areas-icon.png Meadhollow
Region: Vales of Anduin
Settlement(s): Beorninghús
Levels: Mainly 120
Resource tier: Ironfold

Meadhollow is an area within Vales of Anduin, in the northern region.

Meadhollow is fully surrounded by the Beorning-lands. It includes the small area around Beorninghús.

Beorninghús, the home of Grimbeorn, provides some services and and travelling within Vales of Anduin as well to South Bree, in Bree-land.

New Beorning characters begin their adventures in an instanced version of this area, at the northern edge of the small pond east of Beorninghús. After that, travelling here is limited to this area is limited to some quests until earning and equipping the level 19 Return to Grimbeorn's Lodge Beorning skill. Or using other travelling features.

Meadhollow Locations


Connected Areas



Meadhollow NPCs

The following NPCs are found within the area, during the new Beorning-character introduction instance.

Meadhollow Creatures

The following creatures are found within the area:

During Beorning introduction instance


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