Leader of Men

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Leader of Men (Yellow line) is a Captain Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are Hands of Healing and Lead the Charge.

Leader of Men
Defends allies while wielding two-handed weapons.
Leader of Men Captains shield their allies from harm and make them more resilient.
Skills Earned:
Threatening Shout-icon.png Threatening Shout
Sure Strike has a chance to bestow On Guard to the Fellowship when used while Battle-readied.

On Guard:
+5% Damage Reduction
-10% Power Costs
Parry Rating
Duration: 30s

Partial Blocks, Parries and Evades grant the Captain a Defeat Event


These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Leader of Men (yellow) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Threatening Shout-icon.png Threatening Shout Taunt 15s 40m Set: Initial Skill
Noble Mark-icon.png Noble Mark Debuff Toggle 40m Trait: Noble Mark (Trait)-icon.png Noble Mark
Last Stand-icon.png Last Stand Buff 5m Self Trait: Last Stand (Trait)-icon.png Last Stand
In Harm's Way-icon.png In Harm's Way Buff 3m Self Trait: In Harm's Way (Trait)-icon.png In Harm's Way
Standard of Valour-icon.png Standard of Valour Melee + Light 1m 40m Trait: Standard of Valour (Trait)-icon.png Standard of Valour
Strength in Numbers-icon.png Strength in Numbers Heal 1m 7.2m Trait: Strength in Numbers (Trait)-icon.png Strength in Numbers
Shield-brother's Call-icon.png Shield-brother's Call Buff 2m Self Trait: Shield-brother's Call-icon.png Shield-brother's Call
Shield of the Dúnedain-icon.png Shield of the Dúnedain Buff 2m 25m Trait: Shield of the Dúnedain (Trait)-icon.png Shield of the Dúnedain

Set Bonuses

Set Traits Description Source
2-handed Prowess-icon.png 2-handed Prowess Buff Set: 5+ total ranks
Last Stand (Trait)-icon.png Last Stand Gain skill Last Stand Set: 10+ total ranks
Elendil's Boon-icon.png Elendil's Boon Improves skill Blade of Elendil Set: 15+ total ranks
Defensive Strike (Trait)-icon.png Defensive Strike Improves skill Sure Strike Set: 20+ total ranks
Shield-brother's Call-icon.png Shield-brother's Call Gain skill Shield-brother's Call Set: 25+ total ranks
Blessing of the Shield-icon.png Blessing of the Shield Improves skill Shield-brother Set: 30+ total ranks
Exemplar-icon.png Exemplar Buff Set: 35+ total ranks


Tree Traits Description Source
Situational Awareness-icon.png Situational Awareness Improves skills Devastating Blow, Pressing Attack, Light of Elendil and Routing Cry Trait: 0+ ranks
Steeled Resolve-icon.png Steeled Resolve Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Call Them Out-icon.png Call Them Out Improves skills Cutting Attack and Grave Wound Trait: 5+ ranks
Strong Voice (Captain)-icon.png Strong Voice Replaces skill Threatening Shout with Improved Threatening Shout Trait: 5+ ranks
Noble Mark (Trait)-icon.png Noble Mark Gain skill Noble Mark Trait: 5+ ranks
Terrifying Bellow-icon.png Terrifying Bellow Improves skill Routing Cry Trait: 10+ ranks
Shrug Blows Aside-icon.png Shrug Blows Aside Buff Trait: 10+ ranks
In Harm's Way (Trait)-icon.png In Harm's Way Gain skill In Harm's Way Trait: 10+ ranks
Demand Attention-icon.png Demand Attention Improves skill Grave Wound Trait: 10+ ranks
Turning Point-icon.png Turning Point Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
Absorb Momentum-icon.png Absorb Momentum Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
Standard of Valour (Trait)-icon.png Standard of Valour Gain and improve skill Standard of Valour Trait: 20+ ranks
Strength in Numbers (Trait)-icon.png Strength in Numbers Gain skill Strength in Numbers Trait: 20+ ranks
Fellowship of the Shield-icon.png Fellowship of the Shield Improves skill Shield-brother Trait: 25+ ranks
Stand Tall-icon.png Stand Tall Improves skill Last Stand Trait: 25+ ranks
Shield of the Dúnedain (Trait)-icon.png Shield of the Dúnedain Gain skill Shield of the Dúnedain Trait: 30+ ranks
Elendil's Fury-icon.png Elendil's Fury Buff Trait: 30+ ranks