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Areas-icon.png Hithlad
Region: Ettenmoors
Landmark(s): Coldfells Outpost
Grimwood Lumber Camp
Plains of Gramsfoot Outpost
River Outpost

Hithlad is an area within Ettenmoors in the southwestern region. Its name is Sindarin for 'Mist-plain'.

This area lies south of Steps of Gram and Hoardale, and west of Coldfells, but to the south and west Hithlad is sheltered by mountains, except for where the mighty Hoarwell river continues, coming from the north-east. East of the Grimwood Forest hosts many dangers for the unwary traveller.

Being located within Ettenmoors, Hithlad is an area of Monster Play (PvMP).


These landmarks are located within Hithlad:




The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Ettenmoors Topographic map of Ettenmoors

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