The Grand Stair

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The Grand Stair
Level: 56
Size: Fellowship
Cluster: Mines of Moria
Region: Moria
Area: The Redhorn Lodes
Location: [10.2S, 103.9W]
Grand Stair Interior.jpg

The Redhorn Lodes entrance to the Grand Stair

"In elder days, this place once served as a grand portal to many levels and halls within Moria, but since the ruin of Moria, it has become a den of many Orc-tribes. Mazog, he who rules the Orcs of Moria, exacts his tribute here through his minion, Igash."


The entrance to the Grand Stair is located in the Redhorn Lodes. [10.2S, 103.9W] However, the instance itself takes place within its own area.


The Grand Stair is a 6-person instance in the Redhorn Lodes. Rewards are nice armour, jewelry and Medallions of Moria. It is considered one of the easier instances of Moria, being possible to start with at level 56. It is often used in the 'grinding' for Moria medallions due to its relatively easier level in comparison to other instances in the Mines. Completing Igash daily quest in hard mode rewards 5 Moria medallions. Nardur drops 2 more medallions.

A "daily" run just doing Igash takes about 20 minutes; including Nardur, budget 30. A full clear will be about an hour at Moria's level cap of 60.

The Grand Stair is found next to the campsite at [10.3S, 103.9W].


Most quests are obtained at the Orc-watch from Thithrand, Avar and Ossur. Eilíefr and Geirr in the Twenty-first Hall offer random daily quests.

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Instance Details

This instance should take about 30-45 minutes if doing the daily, and about 2 hours if doing a full run, depending on the success of the group and the tactics the group uses. It is advised that one should bring along fear potions, since most of the elite monsters will put fear effects on you. It is also advised that Lore-Masters trait themselves with Proof against All Ills since many mobs will put debuffs which put your armor value down.

There are many winding ways in the Grand Stair so it is very tricky to know which are the right ways to Igash's throne. To activate challenge mode the fellowship must engage Nardur the Shield in less than 10 minutes after the end of conversation between Ilzkâl the Pummeler and Nardur the Shield to gain the two Medallions of Moria he drops and also opens the main draw-bridge to the Throne of Igash.

Watch out while walking around because in addition to visible mobs, every once and while near some of the pillars a couple of invisible goblins pop up. There isn't anything special about these mobs except they open with a miss-chance debuff. It is recommended that the tank leads the party whilst moving from boss to boss.

Ilzkâl the Pummeler

This is the first mob and boss in the Grand Stair instance. It's a fairly straightforward fight: tank and DPS. He will, however, fear nearby characters which must be removed or he will be healed when it expires. Bring fear potions or a Captain to counter the fear.


Nardûr is an optional boss, it is not necessary to kill him to get to Igash. He is also the only boss besides Ilzkâl the Pummeler that can be killed without failing the daily challenge. He must be triggered in less than 10 minutes after the end of his conversation with Ilzkâl to have a chance at killing him for the two Moria Medallions and challenge mode. During the fight he will shout "Give me some room!" and perform a knock back. An easy counter to this is to have your back against a wall, otherwise you may fall into the depths of the Grand Stair. Or you can simply run behind him as soon as he yells. He drops two loot chests, both of which drop a Medallion of Moria.

Dorozg and the Beast

If you are not doing the challenge, then the beast is one of the optional bosses of the Grand Stair, after Izkal the Pummeler. He is reached by taking the first left after Izkal, and then heading down the stairs into the troll area. When you enter the room the 2 drummers will leave. Dorozg will also begin to fight the fellowship. If a player does not begin to play the drums the beast will wake up, and will join the fight that Dorozg has started. Since most minstrels will probably be healing the tank, it is recommended that they teach another fellowship member to play the drum before the fight. Once that has been determined (and if you do not have a minstrel or anyone who can play the drum, you will have to bear both bosses.) the beast has 2 moves to watch out for:

1. He says "away", and then preforms a punt. This can lead to the tank (or who-ever holds aggro) being flung out of the pen, and restarting the fight.

2. He says "The ground will shake" and then does a high damage AoE, on where-ever he is standing, likely killing those in range. This can be avoided by running out of range and to the other side of the pen. If both moves are successfully maneuvered then the beast should be no problem.

Gothgaash the Fire-caller

Gothgaash is another one of the optional bosses you can slay, if you are not doing the challenge. He is reached by taking a left, after Izkal the Pummeler, and then heading up the stairs. As the name implies he does many fire-based attacks, including summoning fumarole adds which should be killed quickly. These, however, are all moderate, and are survivable assuming you have sufficient healing. If you can slay the beast Gothgaash should be no problem.

Glothrok the Vile

Glothrok is the last optional boss you can kill, if you are not doing the challenge. He is reached by taking 2 rights after Izkal the pummeler, and then going through the wooden gate directly ahead of you. He has a few poison DoTs, but these are easy to manage. After this he becomes invulnerable, and dismounts. Kill his warg, as it is only elite. He then starts summoning adds, but these are only normal type mobs, and can easily be killed, however make sure they are killed quickly because they may soon overwhelm you. After his mount, and all his adds are gone he is no trouble.

Igash the Fanatic

Igash is the final boss to defeat in the Grand Stair. In challenge mode, when he is triggered, he will spawn The Devoted, who in turn will spawn two archers, these archers can be killed, but will quickly re-spawn. The Devoted must not be killed or the challenge will fail. Be careful with AoE attacks on this boss.

Igash does a nasty AoE which will knock out 1k of your health and stun you; have Lore-masters be prepared to anti-stun like mad. He spawns a lethal fire so whomever is tanking Igash must move immediately or he/she will die very quickly. He also does a knock back which will send you flying, be careful not to tank him near the entrance of his room, because if he kicks you out he will reset.

Note: In a full run Igash is very simple, he loses most of his special attacks and it becomes a basic tank and spank kind of fight. However when you do the daily he has all of the attacks listed above.

The Devoted

This signature orc will spawn a pair of archers as soon as you come to Igash's throne and run around the room randomly attacking players. To complete the challenge, he must NOT be killed. It is strongly advised not to tank this Orc and simply ignore him. If you fail to kill Nardur in the time allotted, then Nardur will engage, and slay the devoted. The devoted will do likewise to Nardur, so they both die, resulting in the challenge to be failed. If you are doing full, and kill Nardur in time, then he can be found by going straight from the entrance, and then taking a right before the stairs to Igash. If he is slain it is usually to weaken Igash.


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Level Name Difficulty Species Dread Morale
58 UrukBrute.png Ilzkâl the Pummeler Elite Master Uruk 56,936
58 Orc.png Gothghaash the Firecaller Nemesis Orc 101,967
58 UrukWarrior.png Dorozg the Beast Tamer Elite Master Uruk 57,581
58 MoriaTroll.png The Beast Nemesis Troll 76,600
58 Goblin.png Glothrok the Vile Nemesis Goblin 66,320
58 UrukCaptain.png Nardur the Shield Elite Master Uruk 56,936
58 UrukBerserker.png Igash the Fanatic Nemesis Uruk 101,967


Incomparable Chest Loot
Medallion of Moria-icon.pngCloak 1 (incomparable)-icon.pngOne-handed Sword 1 (incomparable)-icon.pngCloak 1 (incomparable)-icon.png1091472620-1090519044-1091472621-1091472622.png1091472614-1090519044-1091472615-1091472616.png1091472617-1090519044-1091472618-1091472619.pngRing 96 (incomparable)-icon.pngShield 3 (incomparable)-icon.pngHeavy Gloves 13 (incomparable)-icon.png

Rare Chest Loot
Khuzdul Tablets-icon.pngIgash's Trinket-icon.pngMedium Shoes 2 (rare)-icon.png1091470103-1090519043-1091470104-1091470105.pngDagger 1 (rare)-icon.pngMedium Armour 9 (rare)-icon.pngLight Hat 4 (rare)-icon.png1091469954-1090519043-1091469955-1091469956.png1091472599-1090519043-1091472600-1091472601.pngHeavy Helm 5 (rare)-icon.pngShield 6 (rare)-icon.png1091470097-1090519043-1091470098-1091470099.pngLight Armour 7 (rare)-icon.pngCloak 1 (rare)-icon.pngOne-handed Sword 2 (rare)-icon.png1091470100-1090519043-1091470101-1091470102.pngHeavy Helm 4 (rare)-icon.pngOne-handed Club 2 (rare)-icon.pngHeavy Gloves 1 (rare)-icon.pngMedium Gloves 13 (rare)-icon.pngSpear 2 (rare)-icon.png


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