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Level: 58
Size: 12-person Raid
Cluster: Mines of Moria
Region: Moria
Area: The Water-works
Location: [16.4S, 113.7W]


Filikul is a landmark within the Water-works in Moria. [16.4S, 113.7W]


This is the location for a 12-man Raid Instance, behind a door at Gabil-munz in the Water-works and is usually colloquially referred to as the Turtle instance, or simply Turtle. It was one of the main sources of Bright Emblems of Nimrodel, being one of the easier ways to obtain the Emblems. However, as of Update 31, Bright Emblems of Nimrodel have been made obsolete.

  • This is a non-scaling raid and can be soloed at level 115.
  • This raid has a raid lock which resets daily at 6:00 a.m. server time.


The following creatures are found within this area:
Turtle.png Nornúan

Instance Overview

This fight primarily boils down to two factors:

  • Amount of DPS that can be applied, and...
  • Degree of incoming damage debuffs that can be applied.


Although raids have downed Nornúan with different class makeups, an ideal on-level group would include:

  • 1 Tank (Guardian or Warden)
  • 1 Captain
  • 1 Healer (ideally a Minstrel or Rune-keeper)
  • 1 Champion/Hunter
  • 2 Other Classes (Burglars/Lore-masters would be especially helpful)

DPS-players should spec for maximum single-target DPS.

  • Players should try to maximize their acid mitigation (which is part of tactical mitigation).
  • Players should also bring and consume Hope Tokens, Food, and Scrolls, as well as plenty of morale and power potions.

The Boss

Nornúan is wandering around inside the lair. When he is aggroed, the gate to his room will close, so make sure everyone is inside before engaging the boss.

During the fight, there are two important considerations.

  1. One is a single-target incurable acid DoT (Profuse Bleeding) that will be placed on his target every 20 seconds or so when he 'snaps his jaws' at someone. This effect lasts for about 45 seconds, however if the effect is reapplied during that time, it increases in magnitude and resets the countdown. Thus once the effect becomes too strong, it becomes necessary to pass aggro to an off-tank while the main tank waits for the timer to expire (The Captain will be able to tank while the guard/warden will be waiting for the debuff to wear off).
  2. The second consideration is a similar incurable stacking acid DoT (Gushing Wound) which affects everyone in the room. The magnitude is increased each time Nornúan 'flings spines about the room'. Due to this effect, the fight becomes a race against time as the group attempts to down the boss before the group damage becomes too much for the healers to handle.


Begin the encounter by having the tank run in first, followed closely by the rest of the raid before the door closes.

  • The main tank should immediately taunt Nornúan and turn him around so that he faces away from the door. Ideally, Nornúan should be facing the waterfalls on the other end, with everyone but the tank behind Nornúan in a tight bunch.
  • The raid should immediately apply any debuffs which increase the incoming damage to Nornúan, such as:
  • Also, the raid should immediately apply any buffs which increase their outgoing damage or critical/devastate chance.
  • The captain should immediately cast Oathbreaker's Shame.
  • The raid should immediately begin maximum DPS on Nornúan. DoTs should be applied and maintained, especially by Rune-keepers.

Once the Profuse Bleeding builds on the main tank to 750-1000 damage, the off-tank (Captain or Champion, if there is no Captain or the Captain's Morale is too low) should taunt Nornúan off onto himself and hold him until the Profuse Bleeding expires on the main tank, then the main tank should taunt him off onto himself until the Profuse Bleeding expires on the off-tank. Continue this back-and-forth aggro throughout the entire fight.

Once Nornúan falls roughly below 50% morale, the Gushing Wound on the rest of the raid will start to become difficult to heal through.

  • The Minstrel should be ready to cast Fellowship's Heart.
  • The Captain should be ready to cast In Harm's Way and Last Stand.
  • The Rune-keeper should switch from DPS to healing at this point.
  • Once most of the other players are almost out of power, the Champion should cast True Heroics once everyone is in a tight bunch.
  • All players should be using morale and power potions and self-heals whenever they are up.

Towards the end of the fight when he gets below 25% morale, many players will be running out of power, which is why it is important to use power pots.

  • Lore-masters should be drawing and distributing power to healers first, then the rest of the raid.

Everyone should be prepared to pop all of their cooldowns once he gets very low. However, using the strategy and class-makeup with well-equipped players should result in an easy victory.

Special Note

It should be noted that now that most people run this with level-capped players. All you really need is a healer and a large amount of DPS. A tank is useful, but a Captain or a Champion can tank this if no Guardians or Wardens are available. The fight usually lasts about 4 minutes or less meaning that power conservation is not terribly relevant. Rune-keepers are more useful then Minstrels in this raid because many times their runestone is enough to overcome the DoT.


The Mossy Chest has a chance to yield First and Second Age Legendary Weapons, shields, javelins, Jeweller's recipes, barter trophies, relics and runes. For a complete list, see Nornúan.

The following items no longer drop from Nornúan:


Hasta went forward to discover the meanings of the Strange Happenings which occurred but weeks before. He has not returned, and his companions are becoming worried that something may have happened to him...


A fight with Nornúan Map - Filikul.jpeg