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Vegetable Farmland-icon.png
  • Allows execution of recipes requiring Farmland.


Coming close enough to a Farmland this effect will be applied to a Farmer.

Crafting Facility

Farmland is used by Farmers to grow all types of fields up to the Expert tier. For recipes, see Farmer Recipe Index.

Superior Farmland is required to grow fields from the Artisan crafting tier and above; they also serve lower level recipes.


Farmlands are located in the lower level regions in Middle-earth.

Location/Area Region Coords
Staddle Bree-land [31.1S, 48.6W]
Falathlorn Ered Luin [27.6S, 93.1W]
The Greenhouse Ered Luin [13.8S, 103.0W]
Oatbarton Evendim [23.3S, 67.4W]
Ost Guruth The Lone-lands [31.3S, 30.0W]
South Fields The Shire [34.5S, 74.7W]
See also Superior Farmlands for even more locations.