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Area.png Eorlsmead
Region: The Great River
Landmark(s): Abandoned Farm
[29.5S, 60.1W]

The Fetid Caves
[28.0S, 61.3W]
Eorlsmead Tower
[28.0S, 59.9w]
Teeming Nests
[26.5S, 60.1W]

Settlement(s): Stangard
[25.6S, 63.2W]
Levels: Mainly 71+
Resource tier: Westfold - T7

Eorlsmead is an area within The Great River region in Rhovanion.

Though the soldiers of Stangard are strong and fiercely loyal to their king, the village has fallen on hard times and hope is in short supply.

Established on the highest rise in the rolling plains of Eorlsmead, the Rohirrim village of Stangard keeps its watch over the region.


The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within Eorlsmead:


The Eorlsmead Explorer is related to the area.


  • [[]]



  1. [71] Hospitality in a Strange Land -- Sabert - Vector from Thinglad
  2. [71] The Troubles of Stangard -- Stanric
  3. [71] A Logical Appeal -- Gadda
  4. [71] Whispered Permission -- Gadda
  5. [71] Continuing Good Deeds for Stangard -- Gadda
  6. [71] Stanric's Stand -- Gadda
  7. [71] The Stone of Friendship -- Gadda - vector to Wailing Hills
  8. [72] Change for the Worst -- Sabert - Vector from Wailing Hills -- Vector to the abandoned farm
  9. [72] The Man on the Inside -- Gadda
  10. [72] Proof of Treason -- Swithulf
  11. [72] Evidence of Foulplay -- Swithulf
  12. [72] The Story Behind the Death -- Gadda
  13. [72] An Investigation -- Sabert
  14. [72] A Daring Escape -- Stanric
  15. [73] A Troubling Delay -- Stanric - Vector to Parth Celebrant

Epic Quests

  1. [75] Vol. III, Book 6: Chapter 7: Enemies of Old
  2. [75] Vol. III, Book 6: Chapter 8: Stone of Friendship



The following creatures are found within this area:


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