Echad Sûl

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Echad Sûl
Type: Hill
Region: The Lone-lands
Area: The Weather Hills
Location: [29.4S, 37.0W]
Echad Sûl.jpg


Echad Sûl is a landmark within the Weather Hills in the Lone-lands. [29.4S, 37.0W]

Its name is Sindarin for "Camp of Wind" and it is a small hilltop just north of Weathertop, providing a good view of the neighbourhood. These days only boars and crebain fancy the view.


This location is involved in the following deeds:

Quest Involvement


The following creatures are found around Echad Sûl:


The tower at Echad Sûl once guarded the northern approach to Amon Sûl, but it was destroyed in battle with Angmar and Rhudaur. Now all that remains is the hill that the tower stood upon.


View of Echad Sûl from Weathertop Top of Echad Sûl at foredawn