Cirith Gorgor

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Cirith Gorgor
Type: Pass
Region: Gorgoroth
Area: Udûn
Location: [, ]
Udûn: between Cirith Gorgor and Carach Angren (also called "the Isenmouthe in Westron)


Cirith Gorgor (Sindarin) is the pass between the Ered Lithui and Ephel Dúath mountain ranges; between The Wastes and the Plateau of Gorgoroth in Mordor.
Called the Haunted Pass by men, the Elvish name literally means "pass of great dread." It was a narrow pass with sheeer cliffs on either side where the two mountain ranges met.
Sauron closed the pass with the construction of the Morannon, the Black Gate, when he first occupied Mordor in the Second Age, to prevent invasion through the Pass of Cirith Gorgor. Like Barad-dûr, it was built with the power of the One Ring.


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:


  • [] [[Quest:|Quest:]]


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