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This category contains:

  • Quests that have this region as their "quest group", which is read in the Quest Log.
  • Categories per area based on the most narrow starting-location of the quests.
  • In the table below, levels indicate the main levels, but class, faction, festival, and odd quests are not considered.

See the areas for locations, levels, and notes.

See also Trollshaws Quest Chains.

Quests per Area, Ordered per Level Range

Area Levels Notes
South Trollshaws 35 Quests
North Trollshaws 35 Quests Fellowship mainly - Public dungeon: Laenan, level 65
Bruinen Gorges 36 - 39 Quests
Nan Tornaeth 37 Quests World Instance: Lost Temple, level 65
Rivendell 37 - 40 Quests Also raids and occasional levels
Tâl Bruinen 38 - 39 Quests
High Moor 39 Quests
Giant Valley 39 Quests Fellowship mainly
The Angle of Mitheithel 40 - 45 Quests Reputation quests. Requires :Rangers and Ruins
Main level range 35 - 40  (Angle of Mitheithel not included)


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