Volume 2, Books 1-6 Pre-release teaser - December 16, 2008

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These notes were a player entry in the Lorebook. They are incomplete and were taken from the Beta server.

Welcome to The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria! These release notes cover many changes to the game, but because so many new systems have been introduced in Moria, we've tried to limit them to what's changed from Shadows of Angmar. For overviews of the new systems, please read the associated developer diaries, which are linked in the overview!

Download the Moria Manual!

The Mines of Moria manual is now available for download in .pdf format (~5.6Mb). Click here to download it! You will need Acrobat Reader to view it.


Of Special Note

  • Quest Bags are here!
    To help with inventory management, we’ve modified most quest items so that they are no longer stored in your inventory, but are instead stored in the Quest Journal. This means that those boar hides you are looking for will no longer be cluttering up your inventory and will now be found in the journal. If you are curious about those quest items and would like to examine them, you still can. You’ll just need to navigate to the quest in the journal and hover over the item there, just like you would with an item in your regular inventory.
    By the way, you may have noticed we ’ve said that “most ” items have been removed from your inventory. A few quest items cannot since they are usable in some fashion. Items that cannot be removed from your inventory are:
    • Letters or other readable objects
    • Quest items given for Crafting Quests
    • Items that can be traded to other players or listed on the auction house.
    • Items that must be used as part of the Quest.
    • Quest starter Items
    All other items should be no longer be stored in your inventory.
  • Key rings are in! Permanent keys can now be clicked on to be added to a Key Ring section of your traits. Doing so will delete the key, and any doors that were opened by the keys now look for the trait.
  • A new, never-before-seen mount waits to be discovered!
  • The cooldown on Edelharn Tokens has been reduced from 60 to 15 minutes!
  • Once any of your characters has reached level 20, all characters on your account will be able to use the cosmetic outfit system! You will need to log in with one of your 20+ characters to open the option up for the rest of your characters.
  • Hope has been replaced with a new Radiance value; its benefits remain the same, however.
  • Scrollcases that reveal tool recipes can now be found in loot.
  • One-shot recipe scrolls can now be stacked in groups of 10.

Two Important Notes

  • All Kinships must now maintain a membership count of 8 or more. If your Kinship membership count drops below 8, it will be disbanded if you do not recruit enough members to meet the minimum within five(5) days.
  • A special ring icon and an error are shown to a player if they try to access Mines of Moria content but have not purchased the expansion.