Item:Anfalas Star-lit Crystal

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Anfalas Star-lit Crystal
  • Item Level: 1
  • "A crystal of a bygone era."
  • Worth: 5 Silver 
  • Stacks to 5

Item Information

Up to 3 crystals can be applied to a non-imbued legendary item of level 100 or lower. Each crystal raises the base rank of DPS and magnitude (not percentage or time) legacies on that legendary item by 1.

For an imbued legendary item, each crystal unlocks a tier on the main legacy (i.e. DPS or top-most legacy on class item). The maximum number of crystals which can be applied to an imbued legacy item depends on the current update.

As per Update 30.3.2 Star-lit crystals can no longer be used on any legendary items, but can now be disenchanted into enhancement runes to improve traceries in the new legendary items.


This item can be disenchanted into 2 Enhancement Rune +2, Lvl 86-121.

Quest Information

This item is a reward for the following quests:

Drop Information

This item has a small chance to drop from Lieutenants in end game-level skirmishes. The drop rate is higher for larger group size and higher tier content.

This item can also be acquired from daily reward boxes of spoils acquired from completing the daily Featured Instance quests.

This item is a possible reward for the following Instances and Raids:

Barter Information

This item can be bartered for from the following vendors. Note that the item received from some of the vendors will be Bind on Acquire.

Barterer Bind Item(s) To Trade
Quartermaster (Pelennor Battle Rewards Vendor) No 9 Morgul Crests
Master of Battle Lore (Pelennor Rewards Vendor) No 6 Ancient Ithil-coins
Merit Committee (Battle Decorations (Standard Honors)) on Acquire 300 Stars of Merit
Games-masters (during Anniversary Celebration) on Acquire 40 Anniversary Tokens
Spring Rewards Vendors (during Spring Festival) on Acquire 60 Spring Leaves
Caltha Tunnelly at Bywater (during Farmers Faire) on Acquire 120 Farmers Faire Tokens
Fall Festival Trader NPCs (during Harvest Festival) on Acquire 90 Fall Festival Tokens
Alex Grey in Winter-home (during Yule Festival) on Acquire 120 Yule Festival Tokens
Feredis in Minas Tirith (Midsummer) (during Midsummer Festival) on Acquire 40 Midsummer Tokens

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