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Nindalf, or Wetwang in Westron, is a wide region of swampy land of fen on the east side of the river Anduin near the foot of the Falls of Rauros and the mouths of the Entwash.

At the Nindalf the Anduin divided into many channels and formed marshlands in the east of the main channel of the river. Opposite of the Nindalf, on the west side of the Anduin the river Entwash flowed into the Anduin by many mouths in a great inland delta. The Dead Marshes lay further east and may have been an extension of Wetwang.

On 16 February T.A. 3019 Celeborn recommended to the Fellowship of the Ring that those heading to Minas Tirith should leave the river above the Falls of Rauros and cross the Entwash before it separates into many mouths in the marshes.

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