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Region: The Plateau of Gorgoroth
Talath Úrui
Levels: Mainly 112-113
Resource tier: T11 - Doomfold


The Ghâshghurm, the lake of fire, is an area within the Plateau of Gorgoroth. To fall into the lava causes instant defeat, and merely coming too close to the shores inflicts severe Fire damage:

 Fires of Orodruin

However, it is possible to access a chain of islands within. Three Treasure Caches can be found on these islands, as can one of the Scourges of Gorgoroth, the Caerog Uiliúr.

To reach these islands, one must be nimble and sure-footed. The chain of rocks providing access to the middle of the Ghâshghurm begins east of the lava-stream that flows down to Orodir. [59.7S, 21.2E] The rocks between the larger islands and parts of the islands themselves are searing with the Fires of Orodruin, making it necessary to move quickly over them. When in doubt, seek high ground to avoid being burned. Many Fire Grims and Fumaroles can be found on these islands, further complicating their traversal.

Uiliúr can be found on the first large island, dormant until the Volcanic Vent in front of it is disturbed. [58.3S, 20.7E] One Treasure Cache can be found on the same island, [58.8S, 20.6E] The other two can be found much further in. [57.1S, 19.9E] [57.3S, 19.1E]

Note: the Ghâshghurm does not have its own map. Opening the map displays the full Plateau of Gorgoroth map. The entire Ghâshghurm is also displayed on the map of Talath Úrui, however, so it may be helpful to zoom in to this smaller map to navigate the lake of fire.


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The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Talath Úrui and the GhâshghurmMap of the Plateau of Gorgoroth


The Ghâshghurm was formed when Orodruin erupted during the downfall of Sauron. The southern face of the mountain exploded, and a torrent of lava pooled at its base. [1]