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About Me

Hi, I'm Chris and I live in Washington State. I've been playing Lotro since Shadows of Angmar. You can find me on Arkenstone where I've started fresh after years of playing on Brandywine. My goal is to take my Captain, Galderex, through Middle-earth as I update, expand upon, and create pages that may have been forgotten with time. I've been playing MMOs since I was around 10 years old starting with Star Wars Galaxies. From there I went on the play World of Warcraft when it launched in 2004 and keep in touch with it up to this day. I also started playing LOTRO around its launch and while the game is dear to my heart, I've never leveled past 50 for some reason. This means I've never seen any content from Moria and beyond. I think having some kind of direction/purpose with my goals to overhaul the wiki's pages on the game's world I can make it to level cap. I dabble with other mmos but the ones I find myself returning to the most are WoW & Lotro. Outside of gaming I am also a Computer Science student and play the drums.


Current Project: Forochel


On Hold

In Progress


Characters on Arkenstone

Name Race Class Level Vocation
Brynnjulf Dwarf Champion 33 Armsman
Galderex Man Captain 58 Armourer
Kaedmos Man Warden 40 Woodsman