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Threat (also known as "aggro", short for aggression) is the value that describes how dangerous you are to a creature or Mob. Attacking a mob will generate threat, as will healing an ally who is being attacked by a mob (twice the value of healing up to full morale, one time for over-healing). Tanks want to generate lots of threat to prevent mobs from attacking other characters that might not be able to survive the attack. Non-tank classes want to reduce the amount of threat they generate as they damage the mobs or heal their allies.

Threat should not be confused with a taunt. A taunt is a debuff that forces a MOB to attack the user, provides threat, and copies a multiple of the highest aggro that MOB had for tank traited classes. This is good for tanks to grab mobs in the area or immediately pull mobs off others. This allows the tank to put themselves highest on the threat table if there was prior aggro to copy. (Note: using taunts before a fight has begun copies no threat, it only provides the amount bestowed by the skill.)

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