The Ranger's Offensive

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The Ranger's Offensive was a special event which was held during Welcome Back Weekends, during which a number of repeatable special events were available. There were a number of quests for every 5-level bracket (25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50), and while these quests did not give XP, some of them did give reputation. Two special quest givers were active during the event:

Since the F2P model went live, "Welcome Back" events simply provide bonus XP on kills and Ranger's Offensive quests are not available. Prior to F2P, during "Welcome Back Weekends", Turbine would allow former subscribers free access to the game, extra XP from monster kills and these quests as something special.

This event has not been active since the game went F2P in fall 2010[1][2].



The Ranger's Offensive: Tier One - Complete 6 quests
The Ranger's Offensive: Tier Two - Complete 9 quests
The Ranger's Offensive: Tier Three - Complete 15 quests
The Ranger's Offensive: Tier Four - Complete 24 quests
The Ranger's Offensive: Tier Five - Complete 36 quests