The Eyes and Guard Tavern

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Special Note

The Eyes and Guard Tavern is only present when you are running a special version of the LOTRO client which has access to the Bullroarer test server enabled. Information on how to gain access to the server is available on the server's LOTRO Wiki page.

The content of this article is strictly limited to information available during public beta test periods.

During private or closed beta periods, the users who have been invited to participate in the program have access to the beta client and to the Bullroarer server are subject to a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA). This legal agreement prohibits them from discussing all aspects of their participation in the beta program, including the content of the closed beta version of the game, and their participation in the close beta program.

During such a period, Turbine grants access to a special forum to those player who have been invited to participate in the program. That is the only allowed place where they may discuss closed beta content and participation.

Usually, at the end of a private beta period, the NDA is lifted as the new version of the game enters a public beta period. Likewise, smaller updates released between expansions are often tested and/or previewed without an NDA applied. Any updates to this page should be derived on information from such public periods.

Anyone that is found to have updated this page using info only available from a period during which an NDA was active on Bullroarer may have their edit reverted. Furthermore, LOTRO, which is not affiliated with this wiki, may take disciplinary action on your LOTRO account.


The Eyes and Guard Tavern is an out-of-character hub for beta testers on the Bullroarer test server. It houses a number of NPCs and facilities to aid in the testing process, as well as a centralized location for developers to interact with players.

The tavern can be enabled or disabled as testing requires, but when enabled, it is accessible on foot from special doors near the Archet jail yard and Thorin's Gate stables. As these doors appear in both the open world and the new player tutorial spaces, any beta character can access them. Once inside, players can acquire map items to return directly to the Tavern. Should the tavern be subsequently disabled, these same maps will divert the player to Bree.

Most of the NPCs within the tavern are named for Turbine developers, while others are copies of game NPCs from various locations.

Services and Facilities

Note: The tavern is an ever-evolving place that has seen many changes to its layout over the years. This article is meant to briefly describe its most recent incarnation.

Main Hall

The tavern's sitting area.
A few of the tavern's many doors.

The main area of the tavern houses many basic NPC services, as well as doors leading to the four housing regions and Frostbluff.

NPC Description
HobbitM.png Kelt Tavern Keep
Offers the inventory of a Supplier, Provisioner, and Healer, as well as tavern-only offerings such as morale potions and foods. He also sells the tavern's travel map.
HobbitM.png Destructhor Auctioneer
Squirrel.png Emmeline LP Allowance
Offers daily quests that grant various amounts of LOTRO Points (via acorns).
These points are usable only in Bullroarer version of the LOTRO Store.
Cat.png Tens Epic Bestower
Rapidly advances the player through the books of Volume I of the Epic.
Cat.png Elevensies Epic Bestower, Volume II
Rapidly advances the player through the books of Volume II of the Epic.
Cat.png Mithlin Epic Bestower, Volume III
Rapidly advances the player through the books of Volume III of the Epic.
HobbitM.png Hank Orth Raid Deed Bestower
Grants the player completion of armor-gating raid deeds (e.g. Orthanc, Erebor).
HumanM.png Horse-master Horse-master
Sells many of the basic and reputation mounts from across Eriador.
HobbitM.png Wilcomb Outfit Provider
Sells cosmetic items and dyes.
HumanM.png Oswald Map Maker
Sells travel maps to most areas of the game, as well as the traits to use them.
Dwarf.png Helfdane Oxheart Training Initiate
Grants access to the DPS Training room.
HobbitM.png Vastin Notary
Arwen.png Ramen Clerk of Kinships
HumanF.png Saffron Vault-keeper
HobbitF.png Snowlight Bard of Michel Delving
BanditM.png Zombie Columbus Intermittently shambling corpse
HobbitM.png Hammbert Flames of Arnor
A tribute to a much-beloved player of the same name, who died in June 2010. [1]

Crafting Hall

The tavern crafting hall.

The crafting hall provides most of the facilities, training, and special resources needed to equip new characters and test new crafting content. The sheer size and roominess of the area also makes it a choice location for staffers to address blocking issues or distribute items not yet offered by NPCs.

NPC Description
HobbitM.png Rhidden Master of Apprentices
Offers enrollment in a vocation, and automated advancement to the current tier.
HobbitM.png Mr. Alexander Master of Crafting Guilds
Offers enrollment and advancement within applicable crafting guilds.
HillmanM.png Major Malphuntion Supplier
Dwarf.png Brainasium Expert Cook
ElfM.png Trout Expert Farmer
DunlendingM.png Expert Jeweller Expert Jeweller
Dwarf.png LinkFrost Expert Metalsmith
HumanF.png Scarecrow Expert Scholar
LossothF.png Ayngst Expert Tailor
HumanM.png Chronos Expert Weaponsmith
Blacksmith.png Nekros Expert Woodworker
HumanF.png Matthieu Jackedarmes Fishing Supplier
Cooking Bookshelf Cook recipe vendor
Farming Bookshelf Farmer recipe vendor
Jewellery Bookshelf Jeweller recipe vendor
Metalsmithing Bookshelf Metalsmith recipe vendor
Scholar Bookshelf Scholar recipe vendor
Tailoring Bookshelf Tailor recipe vendor
Weaponsmithing Bookshelf Weaponsmith recipe vendor
Woodworking Bookshelf Woodworker recipe vendor
Cooking Goods Cook ingredients vendor
Farming Goods Farmer resources vendor (seeds, fair crops, etc.)
Foresting Goods Forester resources vendor (branches, planks, etc.)
Prospecting Goods Prospector resources vendor (ore, ingots, etc.)
Scholar Goods Scholar resources vendor (lore, tomes, etc.)
Special Goods Special ingredients vendor (guild tokens, LI crafting items, etc.)
HumanF.png Istien Vault-keeper
HobbitM.png Kelt Tavern Keep
Offers the inventory of a Supplier, Provisioner, and Healer, as well as tavern-only offerings such as morale potions and foods. Also sells the tavern's travel map.
HobbitM.png Destructhor Auctioneer

The Tavern Skirmish Camp

The tavern skirmish camp.
NPC Description
IceGrim.png Rock Steady Rewards
Provides a daily stipend of instance currency.
Bugan.png Budgeford Improver of Legendary Goods
Legendary support vendor (Heritage runes, upgrade scrolls, etc.)
RohirrimM.png "Javatar" Skirmish Captain
HumanF.png Reyna Sweetgrass Skirmish Trainer
HobbitM.png Isenbar Took Legendary Items
HobbitF.png Bluebell Hornblower Weapons
Spirit.png "Skoll" Currency Exchange
Dwarf.png "Amacklar" Jewellery and Cloaks
BanditM.png "Wilson" Heavy Armor
RohirrimM.png "Ill Mitch" Medium Armor
Easterling.png Cotton Light Armor
HumanM.png "Silverbane" Classic
Galadriel.png "Firefly" Cosmetics
RohirrimF.png "Arbor" Provisions
Glorfindel.png "Girrar" Curiosities
Dwarf.png Crafty Crafting

Old Services and Facilities

Note: These are no longer used, now there are three level bestowers and no training rooms.

Original Training Chamber (1-50)

The training chamber for levels 1-50.

Modeled after The Hall of Fire, this chamber holds many of the Tavern's original NPCs for testing content level 1-50.

NPC Description
HobbitF.png Maid of Lions Level-up Bestower
HumanM.png Constant Gardener Level-up Bestower
Dwarf.png Amlug Level-up Bestower
ElfM.png Keth Level-up Bestower
HobbitM.png Danger Dan Racial Trait Bestower
HobbitM.png Wilcomb Outfit Provider
Boar.png Fantus Allowance Bestower
Dwarf.png Avon Raid Gear Bestower
UrukWarior.png Orion Monster Play Level-up Bestower
HumanM.png Zombie Columbus Skirmish Traits and Skills
Boar.png Fantus Skirmish Allowance
HumanM.png Harry Twiggins Skirmish Captain
HumanM.png Denour Men of Bree Level-up Bestower
HumanM.png Wrinklor Mathom Society Level-up Bestower
Snowman.png Iceman Thorin's Hall Level-up Bestower
ElfF.png Kehleyr Elves of Rivendell Level-up Bestower
Tentacle.png Squidtank Eglain Rep Bestower
HumanM.png Temerity Rangers of Esteldin Level-up Bestower
Chicken.png Slayde Wardens of Annuminas Level-up Bestower
HobbitM.png Berenfan Council of the North Level-up Bestower
LossothM.png Scenario Lossoth of Forochel Level-up Bestower

Moria Training Chamber (50-60)

The Moria training chamber.

Mirkwood Training Chamber (60-65)

The Mirkwood training chamber.

Isengard Training Chamber (65-75)

The Isengard training chamber.

Rohan Training Chamber

The Rohan training chamber.

The newest chamber, this room provides advancement to level 85 and equipment from the Rohan region.

NPC Description
Dwarf.png Sleepy Level-up Bestower
Offers a one-time quest that advances the player to level 85, and provides them with a suitable assortment of gear.
HumanM.png Shempf Mounted-Combat Trainer
Grants use of War-steeds and provides Steed XP.
RohirrimM.png Scenario Eastemnet Friend Maker
Provides advancement through the reputation tiers of the East Rohan factions.

DPS Training

The DPS training pit.

Modeled after a portion of Gabilazan, this chamber serves as a space for testing skills and parsing DPS. While in this chamber, players with be subject to a number of buffs: Improved Ancient Wisdom, Improved Tale of Warding, War Banner, Defense Banner, Focus, and Motivated.

NPC Description
Dwarf.png Bracknar Hammerhand Training Master
Dwarf.png Bruinen Snowpeak Quartermaster
A combination Supplier, Healer, and Provisioner.
Training-dummy of the 65th Order Arch-nemesis
A level 65 training dummy.