Tham Periain

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Settlements-icon.png Tham Periain
Region: March of the King
Area: North Ithilien
Location: [North Ithilien]
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Bâr Thorenion

In the LOTRO game universe, Bâr Thorenion is not part of the contiguous maps of Middle-earth, meaning you cannot walk or ride there from other Middle-earth locations. It is only accessible via "instance travel" -- Journey to Bâr Thorenion-icon.png Journey to Bâr Thorenion for those who have pledged Allegiance to the Hobbits of the Company.

The Elven Kingdom of Lothlórien


Tham Periain translates from Sindarin as Hall of the Halfling


Hobbits: Hobbits of the Company - Bâr Thorenion
The four Hobbits have been through a great deal on their journey to the gates of Mordor, but now are hailed as princes among the men of Gondor. Swear your allegiance to Merry, Pippin, Frodo and Sam, and you will join them in celebration, adventures, and a good number of hearty meals around the environs of Ithilien and Mordor.

Bâr Thorenion



Note: while there are expert crafters present, there are no crafting facilities available.