Tarlang's Crown

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Areas-icon.png Tarlang's Crown
Region: Western Gondor
Blackroot Vale
Havens of Belfalas
Levels: Mainly 100
Resource tier: Tier 9 - Westemnet
Tarlang's Crown.jpg


Tarlang's Crown is an area within Western Gondor.

This stretch of the road connects the Blackroot Vale and the Havens of Belfalas, and lies between the Morthond and Tarlang's Peaks, the central ridge that splits the Blackroot Vale. The road is blockaded by a very dangerous force of corsairs and their allies.

This area is designed for a fellowship.


See "list of NPCs" within Tarlang's Crown

  • Gondren
  • Harnion
  • Melril
  • Several refugees, simply identified as Woman of Gondor and Man of Gondor. They have no quest involvement.



The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of the Blackroot Vale and Tarlang's Crown
Map of Western Gondor


Corsairs under the command of Azruthor, one of the so-called Heirs of Castamir, have allied with Nerzus and his Ruthless Dead to occupy Tarlang's Crown.