Southfarthing of the Shire

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The entrance to Southfarthing of the Shire - what lies beyond the gate?
The entrance to Southfarthing from Cardolan - what lies beyond this passage?

The Southfarthing is the southern and warmest part of the Shire. It is a rural, fertile land, but most of this area is not yet included in the game. It borders the Westfarthing along the South Fields and Tookland, and the Eastfarthing along Green Hill Country and the Marish.

The only parts of the Southfarthing that are as yet included in the game are the Shire Homesteads, and parts of Green Hill Country south of the Three Farthing Stone.

Other parts of Southfarthing that are not yet in-game include Longbottom, Pincup, Cotton, and much pipe-weed production. It was also the source of the Old Winyards wine. Sarn Ford may mark the southern border of Southfarthing as well as the whole of the Shire itself.

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